Steve Jobs loved Porsche cars so much he even gave them to his employees

  • Steve Jobs was known for his love of Porsches
  • He bought multiple Porsche 911s and designed Apple products inspired by his 928’s curves
  • The Apple CEO even gifted one to a very lucky salesman

Published on Jun 13, 2024 at 6:40 PM (UTC+4)
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Steve Jobs was an exacting man with impeccable taste.

Which is why it makes sense that his daily driver was a Porsche 911.

He was such a fan of the brand that the curves of a Porsche were the inspiration for early Apple products.

He also influenced those around him to buy Porsches or even bought them as gifts for lucky employees.

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Steve Jobs wanted his Porsche in perfect condition, which is why he would replace his 911 every six months or whenever it got a scratch.

A regular at the dealership, he even gifted one to a computer salesman who sold the most Macintosh PCs in the United States in 1984.

Jobs’ generosity had a limit, though – he refused to leave his beloved car to his daughter in his will.

The connection between Steve Jobs and Porsche

Jobs’ first car was a Volkswagen Bus, which he sold for $1,300 to fund the first Apple Computer.

The gamble paid off, and he went on to own a fleet of cars considerably more flashy than the VW.

His prized possession was a black Porsche 911, which he would replace every six months for quite an unusual reason.

He was often seen cruising around in his convertible, and there was a rumor that he bought a new one every time it was scratched.

Later he would also own a Porsche 928, which he influenced a number of his friends to buy as well.

It was this model that inspired the design of Apple’s curvaceous early computers.

His daughter, upon learning that her father had a never-ending supply of Porsches, once asked if she could inherit one.

“Absolutely not,” he said, according to her memoir.

Perhaps not surprising, given his cut-throat business nature.

The ultimate employee-of-the-year gift: a Porsche

In 1984, a young salesman sold 125 Macintosh PCs at the computer store where he worked.

This was the most of anyone in the country, and Jobs wanted to reward his efforts.

Craig Elliott was invited to dinner with Jobs and spent a week at Apple HQ.

Most excitingly, Jobs handed him the keys to his own brand-new Porsche 944.

This model went for about $22,000 then, or $65,000 in today’s money.

Not a bad gift for a 23-year-old working a summer job.

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