This futuristic rescue robot comes with a supercar price tag

This robot can tackle the world's toughest terrain at high speeds while carrying up to 50kg.

by | Published on 11th May 2023

This is the robot that comes with a supercar price tag. 

It was created by Swiss-Mile and was designed as a special delivery robot. 

With both legs and wheels at its disposal, the little robot can climb stairs, carry up to 50kg and reach speeds of 22 km/h (13 mph). 

Watch Supercar Blondie’s Nathan Bain show off what it can do!

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Not only was the Swiss-Mile robot designed for deliveries, the company also created it to be used by rescue teams in emergency situations. 

So, when humans or vehicles can’t reach a certain area, this robot will be sent in to deliver emergency supplies. 

Swiss-Mile says its robot is powered by AI that enables it to navigate seriously challenging terrains. 

This means it can automatically detect changes in the environment by comparing online data with a pre-mapped digital twin. 

The humanoid robot has a battery life of about 10 hours and comes with a $200,000 price tag.

Not only will this little robot prove hugely efficient, but it looks epic too. 

It can stand up on two legs, enabling it to do several practical jobs like calling for an elevator and opening doors. 

And it can dance…

This one’s just a prototype, so Swiss-Mile says it’s going to get better and better with time. 

Speaking of insanely cool robots, check out the Go1 robotic dog from Unitree Robotics. 

The Go1 is packed with some incredible technology. 

It can mirror the speed of the person operating it, meaning it can follow you side by side while keeping a safe distance. 

It can also serve as your shopping companion because, at just 12kg, it can carry 5kg worth of goods. 

It also has a seriously impressive stack of tricks up its sleeve. 

Supercar Blondie’s Domi reviewed the Go1 – check it out here! 



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