Tesla Cybertruck spotted tearing across Iceland glacier ahead of imminent launch

People are going crazy over the new footage, saying 'this truck is going to be insanity'.

by | Published on 21st Aug 2023

The release of the Tesla Cybertruck is arguably the most hyped, and long-awaited of any car in history. 

And with deliveries nearing closer, that hype is only ramping up. 

People on Twitter / X are going crazy over new footage which shows the Cybertruck getting put through its paces on a glacier in Iceland.

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In the footage, posted by @carlosRdeA, we can see the truck cutting through ice as it’s filmed from a Land Rover Discovery ahead of it. 

While it’s only a short 23 seconds, the clip is going viral on the social media platform. 

“Winter performance of this truck is going to be insanity,” The Cybertruck Guy said. 

“This proves that it can offroad well. It didn’t seem to struggle at all,” another user said. 

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The shoot is believed to be part of Tesla’s official promotion for the truck, so we can probably expect to see it plastered across the automaker’s platforms pretty soon. 

The footage also captures the Cybertruck’s impressive all-wheel drive, especially compared to the Land Rover. 

The truck’s turning circle sent Twitter into a frenzy last week when footage leaked showing the truck doing an almost on-the-spot U-turn. 

A U-turn might not sound so exciting, but wait until you see it.

The footage has even been described as “gangster”, which is a word probably never used to describe a u-turn before. 

“Never seen a vehicle of this size do this so nimbly!” Raj said.  

The footage, shot by Joe Tegtmeyer, went viral, garnering hundreds of comments. 

“Incredible how easy and smooth that seems,” one guy said. 

“Four-wheel steering in action! This will also make parking in the garage easier!” another said. 

“There’s nothing like the Tesla Cybertruck.” 



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