Top 10 penthouses – when it comes to real estate the sky’s the limit

  • These are the top 10 penthouses of the world
  • There’s entrants from New York, London, Monaco, and Hong Kong
  • Each boasts a unique style, and all have their own specific attributes and luxury amenities

Published on Mar 04, 2024 at 9:38 PM (UTC+4)
by Tom Wood

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These are the top 10 penthouses in the world ranked by cost, and when it comes to luxury living, it seems that the sky truly is the limit.

Penthouses are exclusive residences for people who don’t mind living at a height, and for the rich and famous who don’t want to live in the countryside or by the beach.

Despite usually being situated at the very top of incredibly expensive skyscrapers, there’s still plenty of room for all the creature comforts you might want, as well as some added extras that you can only get from this kind of living.

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I mean, if you could have a helicopter landing pad, you would have one, wouldn’t you?

From Monaco to Miami, celebrities and the ultra-wealthy have been buying up these incredibly luxurious properties and ascending into their own private kingdoms.

Via a private lift, of course.

You or your supercar, don’t take the stairs up to homes like these.

So, without further ado – here are the top 10 penthouses in the world.

10 – Dome Penthouse at the Plaza New York – $80 million

Like many of the entries on this list, the Dome Penthouse is situated in New York City.

It is a fairly old building, having been built in 1907, and very rarely hits the market.

At the minute, it is believed to be owned by fashionista Tommy Hilfiger, who has filled the ornate interior with incredible chandeliers and pricey art pieces.

The Dome boasts exquisite luxury, as well as views over Fifth Avenue and Central Park

9 – 15 Central Park West Penthouse, New York – $88 million

Staying in that part of NYC, the penthouse at 15 Central Park West takes the ninth spot, valued at $8 million more than Tommy’s place.

This extravagant resident boasts four bedrooms and two fireplaces, a huge terrace, and – of course – fantastic views over Manhattan and Central Park.

The last known owner was the daughter of a Russian billionaire, Ekaterina Rybolovleva.

8 – One57 Penthouse, New York – $90 million

For an extra two million, you can get another apartment just down the road in New York, although calling this an apartment seems something of an insult.

Spanning two floors of the building, there are six bedrooms in this property,  as well as a steam room, a cinema,  and a library.

This residence also comes with access to the facilities at the Park Hyatt Hotel, meaning you can use their gym and pool too.

7 – 432 Park Avenue Penthouse, New York – $95 million

We told you a lot of these were in New York, didn’t we?

This penthouse is situated in the third highest residential building in the world, making it massive even by the lofty standards of the Big Apple.

Taking pride of place on ‘Billionaire’s Row’ it’s no surprise that this penthouse was once one of the most expensive residences ever sold in the city.

Bought by Fawaz Alhokair in 2016, the penthouse has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, spread over an 8,225 square foot complex.

6 – CitySpire Penthouse, New York – $100 million

Still in NYC, the first of our top 10 penthouses at the $100 million barrier is this incredibly opulent octagonal-shaped property.

Spanning 8,000 square feet, the CitySpire Penthouse has an art gallery, a huge dining room, a media room, and – perhaps most importantly – a wine cellar that can store up to 1,000 bottles.

That’s a lot of vino.

Also, it has an elevator that can take you up to the highest terrace in the city.

5 – House No. 1, The Peak, Hong Kong – $102 million

Moving out of the USA for a moment, this property is the highest placed Asian entry on the list, but it doesn’t lack any of the luxury that the rest of the residences bring.

The aptly named – though not for this list – House No. 1 has a garden, a private swimming pool and jacuzzi, and a terrace that boasts an incredible view over the stunning Victoria Bay.

4 – Woolworth Tower Residence, New York – $110 million

Of course, we’re back in NYC again, this time for the fourth most expensive penthouse in the world.

When it was built, this was one of the tallest buildings in the world, and the penthouse is the crowning jewel.

There’s a sauna and spa, as well as a wine cellar and fitness studio, where you can work off all of that wine.

More than that, the Woolworth is an absolute gem of architecture, and rightly takes a place on this list.

3 – Ritz-Carlton Penthouse, New York – $118 million

Whilst New York might have the most entrants on this list, it can’t boast any higher than this, meaning that we’re off around the world for the top two most expensive properties on our top 10 penthouses list.

Entering the top three is no mean feat, though, and the Ritz-Carlton is more than worth a spot on the podium.

Spanning more than 15,000 square feet, it’s one of the biggest penthouses out there.

There’s also 2,193 square feet of terrace.

From the wrap-around windows you can gaze out over the water in Hudson Bay, taking in all that New York City has to offer.

It’s finished to the highest possible standard, and decorated in a modern yet classic style.

2 – Penthouse D, One Hyde Park, London – $237 million

London might only feature once on our top 10 penthouses list, but it’s a high-flyer, and deserves to be near the very top.

Not only does it have an 18,000 square feet footprint, it spans across two floors and has five bedrooms, as well as a swimming pool, home cinema, and a library.

If you want safety and privacy, the property is guarded by SAS-trained security guards.

Good luck trying to sneak past them.

Owned by real estate mogul, Nick Candy, this property is only edged out by one other, and it’s no shame to lose to this one.

Next up, the number one spot in the top 10 penthouses in the world.

1 – Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco – $440 million

Dwarfing all of the rest of the entrants on the list is this behemoth.

Situated in the sunny principality of Monaco, famous for low tax rates, high stakes, and fast cars, this is the perfect place to watch the super yachts from above.

Located in the Tour Odéon, this property is simply stunning, boasting all of the modern luxuries anyone could want, as well as impeccable 360 views over the azure Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding area.

In this building there are several swimming pools, a health center, in-house catering, 24/7 concierge service, and chauffeuring.

In the penthouse, there’s a slide that descends from the balcony into a private infinity pool, five bedrooms, three bedrooms for staff members, and five floors to play with.

If you had the bank account to own such a property, you’d never need to leave, and you’d never want for anything.

So, there you have it – the top 10 penthouses in the world – see anything you like?

For most of us, living like this will always be a distant dream, but it’s nice to take a peek, isn’t it?


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