‘UFO expert’ claims to have captured ‘holy grail’ evidence during space station livestream

Could this be the elusive Phoenix Lights?
  • YouTuber Disclose Screen has presented compelling evidence of potential alien activity
  • The video shows a massive boomerang-shaped ‘UFO’ flying over the North Pole
  • He thinks it could be the same aircraft spotted in one of the most iconic UFO sightings of all time, the Phoenix Lights

Published on Apr 8, 2024 at 1:55PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 8, 2024 at 7:33PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Tom Wood

A self-appointed ‘UFO expert’ has released what he claims is the ultimate UFO sighting.

The YouTuber spotted a giant boomerang-shaped aircraft during an International Space Station livestream.

He had an editing expert examine the footage for evidence of tampering.

Now that he’s certain it’s not fake, he’s released it, but the public is still divided on whether it is real or not.

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From the UFO caught flying across the moon to the mystery aircraft spotted from a passenger plane, ‘UFO’ sightings are a regular occurrence.

And even though most sightings turn out to be ordinary objects and phenomena such as airglow, some of the evidence is pretty compelling.

The YouTuber Disclose Screen is known for sharing videos of potential alien sightings.

He just posted what he claims is the ‘holy grail’ of UFO footage.

A few months ago, while watching an ISS livestream, he spotted something unusual: a giant aircraft shaped like a boomerang flying across the North Pole.

The YouTuber wasn’t able to verify the source of the video, so hadn’t shared it with his fans until now.

He had it analyzed by a ‘friend of a friend of a friend’ who happens to be an editing expert.

According to him, the video was genuine and showed no signs of editing.

“He was 96% sure that this video had not been manipulated in any way,” Disclose Screen says.

“And if it had, it was done in a way that he was not familiar with.”

What’s noteworthy about this UFO, besides that it might be full of aliens, is its scale.

According to the video, this aircraft is miles in diameter.

“This isn’t a scouting ship, this is a colony ship,” he says.

“There is an entire population on this ship.”

This is not the first time a UFO of this description has been spotted.

The YouTuber seems to think it’s proof of the Phoenix Lights, one of the most iconic UFO sightings in history.

The Phoenix Lights was first seen in 1997 by thousands of bewildered people in Arizona.

The V-shaped object was visible for nearly two hours and remains an unexplained mystery to this day.

Many of the YouTuber’s fans were sold, but others weren’t so sure.

“North Pole with the sun nearly directly overhead according to the shadow? Poorly done,” one commenter said.

“Totally fake. Clouds are moving one frame at a time, UFO multiple times in each frame of cloud, which means that the UFO was added,” another said.

With no link to the original ISS feed, you’ll just have to make your mind up for yourself.

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