The ultra-wealthy’s ultimate supercar storage solution revealed

  • The ultra-wealthy’s supercar storage is evolving
  • Supercar collectors are refusing to put their pride and joy out of sight in regular garages
  • Instead they are opting for luxe spaces in which to enjoy their investments

Published on Jan 15, 2024 at 3:35 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Jan 22, 2024 at 7:47 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Alessandro Renesis

The ultra-wealthy’s ultimate supercar storage solution revealed

According to billionaire property developer, Gil Dezer, the ultra-wealthy’s supercar storage is evolving.

The humble garage that’s cut off from the rest of the home is a thing of the past for the ultra-wealthy’s supercars.

It’s now become prized real estate, Dezer explains.

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“For me, it’s like an art collector with a Da Vinci: He doesn’t put it in storage, he puts it on the wall,” he told CNN.

From his own four-floor penthouse atop his 60-story residential tower in Miami, instead of the beach Dezer prefers to gaze over his 11 favourite supercars via large internal windows.

Talk about sky-high living.

Completed in 2017, the Porsche Design Tower cost $480 million to build.

His personal works of art include a McLaren Speedtail, a Porsche 918 and a Bugatti Chiron – he has 32 supercars in his entire car collection.

“From my living room I can see two cars, from my kitchen I can see two more cars, and then seven from my man cave,” he said.

On commissioning the tower he now inhabits, the property mogul designed and commissioned a central elevator, patented as the ‘Dezervator’.

It’s reserved for the ultra-wealthy’s cars and getting them to their own glass-walled sky garages.

Consider it the opposite of this futuristic $65m underwater parking garage that’s actually for another type of vehicle.

It was popular with potential residents looking for privacy and security – including Lionel Messi when he signed with David Beckham’s Inter Miami soccer team.

There’s even a new name for the ‘garage’.

“We call them ‘gallery spaces’ rather than garages now,” Graham Harris, a founding partner at SHH Architecture and Interior Design in London, told the publication.

“It’s all about drama and theater and backdrops and the right kind of lighting. Gone are the days when a garage was just a concrete bunker.”

These liveable garage spaces are, according to Harris, super-luxe “man caves”.

Not only are they used for car storage, they can include high-tech car racing simulators with wraparound screens and VR headsets.

They can also boast elaborate bars, full-length bowling alleys, golf simulators and giant screens for watching sport – all with the backdrop of the client’s supercars.

The Samsung ‘Wall’ (a bespoke LED display) can be any size you want for a starting price of $385,000, and can literally set the scene you want for your garage.

And rather than a concrete cube, hand-poured resin in personalized colors is a great option for protecting supercar tires and repelling dirt or oil.

Lighting recessed into said flooring highlights cars and can even make them appear to float above its surface.

Turntables in the floor and sophisticated hydraulic racking systems make stacking, moving and displaying supercars easier.

Not only can the ultra-wealthy’s car collection be rotated – it also makes access for in-house valets, mechanics or drivers more doable.

Dezer’s soon-to-be-built 62-floor Bentley Residences in Miami will include four Dezervators and space for three or four cars for each of the 216 apartments,.

With balcony swimming pools, they’ll range in price from $5.5 million to $35 million.


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