Vanilla Ice still has the same car he bought around the time of ‘Ice Ice Baby’

  • Vanilla Ice is still driving a car that appeared in the video for ‘Ice Ice Baby’
  • The 1989 Ford Mustang requires frequent TLC
  • Per the lyrics of his hit song, his aim now is to drive down the ‘A1A Beachfront Avenue’

Published on Jun 12, 2024 at 7:20 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Jun 13, 2024 at 6:24 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Tom Wood

No matter your age you’ll know the iconic hit of Vanilla Ice – and it turns out he’s still driving the 1989 Ford Mustang that appeared in the video for Ice Ice Baby.

The American rapper and TV host, real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle, has revealed he couldn’t bear to part with his classic ride.

After a previous restoration, it’s in need of some further TLC ahead of Vanilla Ice’s hopes of driving it down ‘A1A Beachfront Avenue’ per his famous lyrics.

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The 1989 Ford Mustang needs regular tune-ups

The 35-year-old Fox-Body Ford Mustang GT 5.0 released his most iconic hit in 1990.

And if you’re into songs that have appeared in music videos, check out Snoop Dogg’s iconic car collection.

After over three decades it’s needed some looking after.

The 1989 Ford Mustang had another restoration four years ago but is now in need of tuning up.

The mods Vanilla Ice chose

The videos that the rapper shared on his YouTube channel didn’t go into details about the exact mods.

However, when Van Winkle pops the hood, its stunning engine cover is revealed before we learn that it has received a new engine.

And, having only clocked up ten miles, this is the furthest it’s driven so far.

Aesthetically, the restoration reportedly brought the car back to its production-line version.

Out with the Sateen-style rear wing that it sported in the 1990 video.

It’s not clear whether it still has its Fittipaldi wheels.

However, the 1989 Ford Mustang still has a completely modified interior, trunk, and engine compartment.

It boasts two-tone red and white leather and Alcantara, paired with contrasting diamond stitching on the seats and door cards and in the trunk.

However, the red stripes previously sported on the hood, bumpers, and beltline are no more.

It’s his favorite car

Vanilla Ice

As he fulfills the prophecy of his 1990 hit, Vanilla Ice admits that because it’s displayed in a museum, he doesn’t drive the car as much as he’d like.

But, despite having his white Ferrari F8 Spider, he’s previously admitted that ‘Nothing out there compares to my baby [his Mustang].” 

Bringing the Mustang up to date today, this window in the Mustang GTD lets you watch the suspension work as you drive.

What’s more, the 2024 Shelby Super Snake is the most powerful Mustang ever made.


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