The world’s most exclusive car club carves a private F1 track into the mountains of Japan

by | May 31, 2022 - 11:27AM | Cars

The Magarigawa Race track is being built in the mountains of Japan.

The most exclusive driving club in the world is coming to Japan – The Magarigawa Club – and supercar-fanatic members will get their own racetrack made by the F1‘s top circuit designer.

Only 50 memberships will be sold and you’ll have to fork out a whopping $235,000 just to join.

The first five of these memberships have already sold ahead of the club’s launch in Spring 2023.

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What does a membership to Magarigawa Club get you?

Well, a lot.

Star of the show is access to a private track measuring 3.5km (2.2mi) with 22 corners, a maximum ascent of 20 percent, and an 800m (0.5mi) long straight.

The race track is designed by Tilke Engineers and Architects, that’s the biggest name around for race track design.

Tilke Engineers and Architects do the layout and design for Formula 1 and Moto GP circuits.

These are just some of the famous race tracks Tilke has designed:

  • Sepang International Circuit
  • Shanghai International Circuit
  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
  • Bahrain International Circuit
  • Saudi Arabian GP at the Jeddah F1 Street Circuit
  • Baku F1 City Circuit

So you know the track at Magarigawa Club will be legit.

It’s carved into the hills and valleys of the area and has a medium-fast and technically challenging sections as well as two high-speed straights.

And if you have just bought yourself a hypercar and are a bit nervous about unleashing it, the Club will also have pro instructors to show you the ropes with some one-on-one coaching.

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And there are plenty of luxuries in what’s dubbed the Owner’s Paddock.

Centered around a clubhouse, individual villa-style accommodation comes with concierge and property management services.

Clubhouse at The Magarigawa Club
Clubhouse at The Magarigawa Club
Clubhouse at The Magarigawa Club
Clubhouse at The Magarigawa Club
Lamborghini Aventador in the garage of a villa at The Magarigawa Club
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Each property has a garage for two to four cars.

And they all have views over the private racetrack below. And there’s a proper pit crew area (air-conditioned… of course).

Every unit at The Magarigawa Club has spacious living rooms and terraces with views of Mount Fuji.


To make it family-friendly, the clubhouse has an outdoor playground for kids, a dog park, and hiking trails across the 1,000,000m2 property.

It’s just one hour from Tokyo Haneda Airport, so it’s convenient for jet-setting members, too.

The Magarigawa Club will open in Spring 2023, with four more trackside units to be sold before launch.

Club memberships will be on offer until June 2022.



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