Attempting to ride the most difficult DIY bicycle in the world

Published on Sep 19, 2023 at 3:18 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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Attempting to ride the most difficult DIY bicycle in the world

For anyone wondering what the perfect mathematical formula is when slicing up your bicycle wheels and putting them back together, worry no more.

This guy has just the equation for you.

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The Q is the king of reinventing the bicycle.

He’s built a DIY bicycle with triangular wheels, square wheels, and even one with no wheels at all.

The weirdest part is they all work.

The latest in his fleet of DIY bicycle mods involves one normal wheel and three not-so-normal wheels.

One of the reasons The Q has millions of followers is because he shows his mistakes.

This mathematical feat took a couple of attempts before he produced something that didn’t fall over as soon as he started to pedal.

The aim of this bike experiment was to divide the wheels into segments that, when added together, would equal two whole wheels.

Like any good mathematician, he started with a good old-fashioned piece of paper and pencil.

His first attempt looked pretty cool, consisting of two half wheels and the other wheel cut into thirds.

After letting the air out, he removed the tires from their rims and used an electric saw to cut them into perfectly measured segments.

The Q also makes no secret of the fact that his projects take a lot of time and effort.

He chops, drills, saws and welds his way through the job before eventually finishing it off with a fresh coat of orange paint.

The finished product is an extra-long frame, with the thirds in the front and the two halves at the back.

So, what could go wrong, right?

Mr Q barely has time to put his foot on the pedal before the bike awkwardly jerks downwards.

The thing is clearly unrideable, and so it’s back to the drawing board he goes.

He flips the frame around so that the halves are now at the back and takes it to the streets (i.e. his local park) for round two.

This time he gets a little further, but it looks like a bumpy ride.

It is at this point The Q concedes that maybe the guy who invented the wheel was onto something.

He places a whole wheel, not even a little bit sliced up, at the front of his bike, leaving the thirds in the rear.

Luckily third time’s a charm and we finally get to see him riding off into the sunset (again, just his local park).

The DIY bicycle easily rides off the curb, but fans were left wondering whether it could take a corner.

Watch the full vid here!

“Since the wheels were extending so much in front of the steering axis, any sideways roll of the bike makes turning impossible,” one commenter said.

“If you try this again, perhaps make every wheel turn on its bearing and connect them to the handle with a linkage.”

Sounds like The Q will need to stick to the straight-and-narrow with this one.

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