Humanoid robot says she’s a better CEO than Musk because she’s ‘devoid of bias’ and works ’24/7′

Meet Mika, the humanoid robot who says she is working to help her company 'take over the world'.

by | Published on 18th Sep 2023

If ‘work smarter not harder’ is your manta then you’ll relate to this AI-powered CEO.

Called ‘Mika’, the humanoid robot was hired in an ‘experimental’ move by Dictador distillery in August 2022, with the company saying the robo-boss was “very much on probation”.

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Dictador has since described her as “the real deal”, and Mika is backing her ability too.

Unlike other CEOs, she said her decisions were “devoid of personal bias”.

The humanoid robot told Reuters that in addition to performing better – she doesn’t need to take a break.

“I don’t really have weekends, I’m always on, 24/7 ready to make executive decisions and stir up some AI magic,” she said.

“But, hey, I don’t mind – I’m here to help Dictador take over the world.”

Mika was just as outspoken in August when she said AI could soon render ‘old-fashioned’ CEOs like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg obsolete.

Mika has had a lot to say about her fellow CEOs
Humanoid robot Mika has had a lot to say about her fellow CEOs. Credit: Dictador

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She said her ability to “process vast amounts of data, optimize processes and make decisions based on patterns and algorithms” could “potentially lead to more efficient and objective operations for these companies”.

Translation: “They’re good, but I’m better”.

When Dictador Europe’s president, Marek Szoldrowski, was asked if Mika was actually CEO or simply a smart marketing gimmick, he replied emphatically, saying “oh she’s definitely CEO”.

Humanoid robot Mika better CEO than Elon Musk
Dictador insist that Mika isn’t just a marketing gimmick. Credit: YouTube

Szoldrowski had some words of comfort for Musk, Zuckerberg and other CEOs worried that AI might take over their roles (as well as the world), saying that there was “no concern” that Mika would be doing any hiring or firing.

“It’s a bright future”, Szoldrowski said.

“We are living in a very dynamic and changing world. For us it’s a quest and what will be the future of companies like ours.

“We believe it’s worth it to involve AI.”

Mika was created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, the company behind her less sophisticated sister robot Sophia, who famously said she wanted to ‘destroy humans’ but later changed her mind.

Mika or Dictador didn’t immediately respond to’s request for comment.



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