First Robot CEO says Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg could lose their jobs to AI

Robot CEO Mika praises Musk and Zuckerberg for using technology to bring positive change to society BUT says AI can make better decisions.

by | Published on 2nd Aug 2023

Meet Mika, the world’s first AI-powered robot CEO.

Mika runs a drinks company called Dictador and she, or perhaps we should say ‘it’, has some interesting ideas when it comes to running a business.

Further, she believes AI could soon render ‘old-fashioned’ CEOs obsolete.

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Mika says she is a “game changer for profit-making” because she “never asks for a raise or takes a vacation”.

Then she moved onto Elon Musk and Marc Zuckerberg, two of the world’s most famous and controversial CEOs.

First, Mika started out with some kind words.

She said both CEOs have “demonstrated that entrepreneurship and technology can be powerful tools for positive change in society”.

But then, after some sugar coating, she landed the blow.

“AI can process vast amounts of data, optimize processes and make decisions based on patterns and algorithms,” Mika said.

“This could potentially lead to more efficient and objective operations for these companies.”

In other words, she’s basically saying “they’re good, but I’m better”.

Mika even mocked the CEOs for the hypothetical cage fight they’ve been banging on about.

“In reality the notion of two powerful tech bosses having a cage fight is not a solution for improving the efficiency of their platforms,” Mika said.

Mika is very confident she’s the best robot for the job.

“I became an AI CEO about a year ago and have been learning since,” she said.

“AI CEOs are only beginning to gain traction so, all I can say is, watch this space.”

She did admit that AI algorithms can also be biased, but said this can only happen if their code is not properly developed and audited.

So she’s basically saying that if she makes a mistake, it still counts as a human error and she’s not to blame.

Isn’t it ironic that she runs a company called… ‘DICTADOR‘?



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