Ken Block’s wife Lucy will race at Pikes Peak to honor late husband

Ken Block's 16-year-old daughter Lia will also race at Pikes Peak as a tribute to her late dad.

by , | Published on 22nd May 2023

Ken Block’s wife Lucy will officially race at Pikes Peak this year to honor her late husband. 

Lucy will drive a Sierra Echo EV in the hill climb’s Unlimited class. 

Not only is Lucy racing, but Ken’s teenage daughter Lia is too.

READ MORE! Ken Block’s daughter Lia to race Pikes Peak in the Hoonipigasus

Ken Block’s 16-year-old daughter Lia will race in the 1,400 horsepower ’Hoonipigasus’.

The Hoonipigasus is the Porsche 911 her late father was going to get behind the wheel of. 

The teenager took to Instagram earlier to announce she would race in honor of her late dad. 

“This June I’ll be making a tribute run at the 2023 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb,” she said. 

“I am stoked to be going up the mountain in this crazy build and getting my feet wet on the legendary mountain.”

Lia’s run won’t be timed but she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of going up against the clock in coming years. 

“Perhaps just warming up for a future run,” she said. 

Meanwhile, her mother Lucy will race in a Sierra Echo EV, which is a single-seater buggy-looking vehicle. 

“Driving Pikes Peak International Hill Climb gives us a way to carry Ken’s spirit forward and do something he was excited to do himself,” Lucy said.

Lucy is also a rally driver and unlike her daughter, her run will be timed.

Her Sierra Echo EV will have a high-performance electric drivetrain from Hypercraft. 

Powered by a 55.8-kilowatt-hour battery, the Sierra Echo weighs just 612kg (1,350 pounds) and can reach a top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h).

About Ken Block

Ken Block began his rallying career in the early 2000s, winning the Rally America Rookie of the Year award in 2005.

He made his WRC debut in 2007 at the wheel of a Subaru Impreza WRX.

An all-around athlete, Block also competed in skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross.

However, he created his true masterpiece in the late 2000s, with the Hoonigan YouTube channel showcasing Ken Block’s mythological Gymkhana skills.

In the Gymkhana, Block performed insane tricks using his car – usually a Ford or a Subaru.

Drifting, 180 degree spins, figure 8s – you name it.

Block’s Hoonigan YouTube channel amassed millions of views

He died in a snowmobile accident in 2023, aged 55.



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