A $3.8m limo-jet is for sale at a regular car dealership

Would you buy a (street legal!) jet from a Mitsubishi dealership?

by | Published on 9th May 2022

A Mitsubishi showroom in Chicago is selling a private jet converted into a stretch limo for $3.8 million.

Yes, you read that right.

Perhaps somebody wanted to buy a new Triton truck and this was part of the trade-in?

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In truth, this limo-jet has been around for a while and it has already been sold at auction three times in the last four years.

It was built in 2006 by a company called Exotic Coach Limousines, and it features a fireplace and even a dancefloor for the 16-18 people who can climb aboard.

It’s 42 feet long and was converted from an old jet fuselage. What happened to the wings is anyone’s guess.

The whole project apparently took more than 40,000 hours to build.

It’s based on the Learjet 35 and the two Garrett engines that powered it was replaced with an 8.1-liter Chevy Vortec V8, delivering 400hp.

The craziest part about the whole story is this is actually street legal.

The limo-jet is for sale at a US dealership called Jidd Motors Mitsubishi.

The ad says the limo-jet also has built-in speakers so you can play jet engine noises as you drive.

The ad also goes into some extra details of the car, like the reversing cameras… which you definitely would need.

“As you’d expect from a well-thought-out, cost-no-object creation, passenger safety was of chief concern. Multiple exterior cameras located in key positions help the driver place the vehicle in tight spaces, and you’ll have peace of mind from the tried-and-true airplane fuselage surrounding you.”




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