Man wins brand new supertruck but smoke comes from under the hood during first drive

  • A man won a supertruck in a giveaway
  • It broke down during the first test drive by the new owner
  • The hosts replaced the engine altogether to give him a perfectly fine pickup truck

Published on May 26, 2024 at 11:43 AM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on May 28, 2024 at 9:00 AM (UTC+4)
Edited by Nalin Rawat

Imagine your luck finally shining, and you win a brand new GMC supertruck in a giveaway — only for it to break down on your first drive.

That certainly would be frustrating, and as unlucky as it sounds, it happened to someone.

Anthony from Mississippi won a 1000 horsepower GMC pickup truck, but during his first test drive, smoke came out from under the hood.

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So, what was the giveaway about?

Cleetus McFarland, a car enthusiast who also happens to have a YouTube channel, hosted a giveaway.

The winner would get a GMC supertruck with extreme performance from a 7.4-liter naturally aspirated ZR7 engine.

Now, that’s an exciting giveaway.

McFarland and his team made sure they would give out the truck with everything working and even tested it the night before the winner came to collect their reward.

Anthony still couldn’t believe he had won when he came to the team.

“This isn’t the part where you tell me it’s all a joke, right,” he said.

It surely wasn’t — the man looked at the truck, the engine, and heard how it sounded.

It was a priceless moment, to say the least.

He mentioned that he previously owned a GMC Sierra pickup truck, but its fate didn’t let it last.

After signing the paperwork, Anthony immediately took it out to the track to see what the GMC supertruck could do.

The owner pushed the truck to its limits with McFarland on the passenger seat.

Well, if you get a beast pickup truck, you obviously would want to perform donuts.

And that he did — the truck pulled it off without breaking a sweat, but that’s when everything went south.

McFarland asked the new owner to pull over because he saw something unusual.

They popped the hood open to see smoke coming out.

McFarland mentioned that their team never had a giveaway vehicle failing on the first drive run by a new owner.

After some convincing and troubleshooting, they found out that there was a coolant leak.

To make things better, the team swapped the engine in the supertruck with a new one that they had reserved for another project.

Since the new owner traveled a long way from home to take delivery of their new truck, McFarland had to fix the supertruck as early as he could.

A long night later, Anthony took the truck’s delivery again.

And, of course, he had to perform donuts again.

After a thorough test drive, the truck was perfectly fine with no smoke coming out this time.

In the end, the man got a new supertruck, despite the troubles he had to face to get it.


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