Is this pickup truck with a kitchen on the back the best use of a tail bed?

  • The Isuzu D-Max has a great accessory available
  • It’s called the Slide Kitchen, which is a portable kitchen
  • You can install it on the truck’s bed and cook on it while on the road

Published on Jul 06, 2024 at 1:44 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on Jul 08, 2024 at 8:34 PM (UTC+4)
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The United States loves a great utilitarian pickup truck like the Isuzu D-Max, and if Americans could convert their pickups to motorhomes, you’d be surprised how many would actually do it.

This is where the Isuzu D-Max paired with a cool accessory comes in — it’s a pickup-turned-camper that comes with a kitchen mod, and you can practically take it anywhere.

However, there’s a catch — the Japanese automaker doesn’t sell it in the US.

In addition, its buyers elsewhere wouldn’t really appreciate the added convenience.

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Getting the most out of a pickup truck

If you appreciate a pickup truck, you clearly enjoy the utility factor it brings in.

Well, even if you don’t carry a large payload on its bed, every now and then.

But hey — if your pickup’s tail bed doesn’t fill up often, what would be better than to utilize the free real estate?

We’ve seen several pickup truck modifications that make it ‘more useful,’ so to speak.

For instance, there’s a tent attachment for the Cybertruck, that lets you sleep in it.

On the other hand, you could also get an EMP accessory to protect it from ‘attacks.’

Now that we’ve established pickups can be much more than you think. Check out ARB — an Australian company that makes many cool accessories for the 4×4 Isuzu D-Max.

One of them is the ARB Slide Kitchen, which is essentially a fully-packed portable kitchen.

A portable kitchen on the truck bed

It has a gas stove, a sink, and plenty of storage space.

Well, ARB also has a refrigerator add-on, but of course, it costs extra.

Moreover, the Slide Kitchen accessory is part of a lineup of its official accessories for the D-Max.

The Australian company also offers several variants of rooftop tent attachments, similar to Cybertruck’s Basecamp tent.

These are great because Isuzu has partnered with ARB to make these accessories ‘official.’

Getting such add-ons would certainly make the Isuzu D-Max the ideal 4×4 off-road camper.

After all, who doesn’t like not depending on finding a hotel while on a road trip?

Well, unless you get something purely for the off-road experience, like this monster pickup truck, which looks more like a large truck.

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