Tech enthusiast finds secret menu in his car’s infotainment system

  • Are you annoyed at the complicated options of your car’s infotainment system?
  • Well, you would be surprised to know that most cars have hidden menus
  • These secret menus can only be accessed by pressing buttons in a certain order

Published on Jul 06, 2024 at 4:22 PM (UTC+4)
by Nalin Rawat

Last updated on Jul 08, 2024 at 8:34 PM (UTC+4)
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A tech enthusiast recently found a secret menu in his car’s infotainment system.

Almost all cars often have hidden menus meant to be accessed only by engineers or mechanics during repairs.

And your car might also have one, hiding some of the most useful features of the vehicle.

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Secret menu and hidden easter eggs in cars

It is not the first time a new car owner has been left baffled that his car has a secret menu.

Usually, these menus are hidden within the infotainment system and can only be accessed by pressing buttons in a certain order.

It’s not just the supercars that have hidden easter eggs and secret menus, but also your average everyday cars.

We sometimes forget that even normal cars have quite a few tricks up their sleeve than we give them credit for.

Just recently, a woman was left surprised after discovering her Mini has a secret compartment.

Infotainment system hidden menus and features

Alex Wawro also had a similar experience when he googled how to change the infotainment system software on his Honda Civic Si (a reliable daily driver used even by John Cena).

It was Wawro’s first time owning a car with a touchscreen and complicated software.

However, he wanted to learn everything about his car, so he turned to Google for answers.

To his surprise, he also found multiple videos and guides showing how to access a secret menu on the Civic.

All he had to do was hit an arcane sequence of buttons or drag his finger across a specific portion of the screen.

He also compared the process to casting a spell or inputting the famous Konami code.

These secret menus also hide important features of the car’s Infotainment system.

So, it can be a bit frustrating to find out about them later on.

Fortunately, a YouTuber named ‘mr-fix’ has a bunch of videos explaining how to access these menus on various cars.

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