Woman baffled after discovering her Mini has a secret compartment

  • A Mini owner unintentionally discovered a hidden compartment near the glove box
  • It turns out it used to house a now-defunct piece of technology
  • Apparently it’s the perfect place to keep car snacks

Published on Jun 14, 2024 at 6:43 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Jun 15, 2024 at 11:06 AM (UTC+4)
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A Mini owner just discovered a secret compartment in her car.

It came as a shock to her, having owned the car for nearly five years.

After posting footage of her find, other Mini owners had their minds blown by the discovery too.

We’re not sure how useful a compartment that size is going to be, though.

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The TikToker filmed her ‘unlocking’ the secret compartment in the Mini with ease.

When pushed, the silver panel above the glove compartment pops out to reveal a small, rectangle-shaped crevice.

It turns out it was originally intended to hold a CD changer, but as the world switched to streaming the feature was scrapped.

Unlocking the hidden compartment of the Mini

The first generation of the modern Mini was released in 2001, a time when CDs were all the rage.

Many cars were fitted with ‘CD changers’, which could be loaded with multiple discs to make jumping between artists easier.

When MP3s, streaming services, and Bluetooth came into the picture, CDs fell out of fashion, and these changers were made somewhat redundant.

So instead of redesigning this section of the car, BMW just kept it empty, adding a push-to-open silver panel to the front of the opening.

The size is narrow, with many owners stating it’s where they keep their snacks.

Newer Minis don’t have this compartment but are still full of quirky features, such as Union Jack taillights.

Why companies add Easter eggs to their cars

Car makers incorporate ‘Easter eggs’ like this to add personality and charm to their vehicles.

They can create a sense of brand loyalty, improve the experience of driving the car, and just be kind of fun.

Tesla is famous for its hidden features, like the Cybertruck’s display screen that pokes fun at Elon Musk’s shatter-resistant claims.

So is Jeep: in fact, its Renegades can have up to 30 Easter eggs dotted around them.

Renault is also known to be playful, equipping the Renault 5 with a baguette holder.

And then there’s Rolls-Royce, which takes secret surprises to the next level.

The La Rose Noire Drop Tail has a compartment especially for crystal champagne glasses.

Meanwhile, every new Rolls-Royce model has a $700 umbrella tucked away in the driver’s door.

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