Tech guru builds remote-controlled KITT from Knight Rider

by | May 17, 2022 - 1:38PM | Cars, Movies, Tech

KITT is one of the most famous cars ever seen on TV screens, and this guy just built his own RC version of it controlled by an old-school Super Nintendo controller.

For the ’80s and ’90s kids, your dream car was either KITT or the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

And for Vic Knight, his dream of having his own KITT is now a reality.

  • 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am KITT replica
  • Interior of KITT replica car
  • Man sitting in self-driving KITT replica
  • The RC KITT car in a garage.
  • The RC controller for KITT

As you can see from the videos he’s uploaded to his YouTube channel, he’s turned his own awesome Trans Am into the car from the hit TV show.

Except, his is even better than what we saw in the show.

It really does the incredible things the show car never could.


Vic Knight made custom code for voice control that uses the same voice from the David Hasselhoff show.

He can make the car turn on, change gear, and drive forwards.

He’s also filmed it driving around a few corners without a driver.

It’s pretty slow on the corners, but it is still super cool to see it with no one behind the wheel.

Can you imagine KITT rolling down your street like this?

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The RC controller for KITT

And while all of that is amazing tech, what we love even more is the Super Nintendo controller running the car.

In case it loses control from the voice commands, Knight has hooked up the aftermarket Nintendo controller to the wheels and accelerator.

We’ve seen a lot of movie/TV car replicas over the years, but this has to be one of the most advanced we’ve ever seen.

When you see the gear stick change gears by itself in the video, you wonder what the Hoff would think if he saw it.

And the fact Knight has made KITT in a suburban garage makes it even more fun.

What’s inside KITT?

It’s not only a replica on the outside with that iconic red light in the front grill, the inside is decked out too.

The RC KITT has all the ’80s style glowing lights in red and orange.

There are so many buttons in the dashboard that it’s like the dream of a toddler who needs to touch everything.

The steering wheel looks like something out of a fighter jet.



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