Teen driver shares dash cam footage to see if he ‘did the right thing’ and gets very mixed response

In true internet fashion, the responses were mixed and ignited a few fiery conversations.

by | Published on 15th Aug 2023

After finding himself in a tricky situation with a semi-truck, this teenage driver asked the internet if he was in the right or not. 

Taking to Reddit, the 17-year-old shared his dashcam footage and asked “Did I do the right thing?”. 

In true internet fashion, the responses were mixed and ignited a few fiery conversations.

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In the dash cam footage, the young driver can be seen merging onto a highway but gets stuck on the shoulder of the road trying to avoid a semi-truck. 

Some told the driver that while it wasn’t good he found himself on the shoulder, he handled the situation pretty well. 

“You put yourself in a bad situation but made the only good decision you could once you were there,” one said.

“Truck driver here, yes you did [the right thing]. If you mess up a merge, just take the shoulder,” another said. 

Others weren’t so forgiving.

“This is entirely wrong, plan better in future,” one said. 

“Driving on the shoulder at high speeds is an easy way to blow a tire… this could have ended worse than it did,” another said. 

“Yeah, you either needed to accelerate much faster to enter in front of the truck, or you needed to wait until the truck passed to merge onto the highway. But the shoulder isn’t a smart place to be driving,” said a third.

While some were intent on finding fault, others simply praised the young driver for remaining safe. 

“Focus on being safe and staying alive as opposed to being right or wrong,” one said. 

“Your car verse 80,000 pounds of semi. Good thing you slowed down and got out of the way,” another said. 

“Definitely. If the choice is ‘I can be right or I can be dead,’ I know what I’m doing. Driving defensively is always the best option.”

Regardless of right or wrong, we’re just glad this video didn’t end up on Crash Dashes. 



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