‘Selfish’ driver who uses ‘Slingshot’ method to bypass busy roundabout divides internet

The 'selfish' maneuver is infuriating people online.

by | Published on 15th Aug 2023

This driver just used the controversial ‘slingshot’ maneuver and is getting roasted for it online. 

In the dashcam footage, we see the driver switching out of a heavily congested lane before circling a roundabout. 

He manages to successfully bypass dozens of cars queueing for the same exit as he takes.

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While the move was successful, it served to infuriate people online.

“Literally make every single other person wait. On all sides of the roundabout. It is all about you after all,” one guy said. 

“Technically inconsiderate driving, misusing a lane to gain an advantage,” another added.

One user described it as “selfish” and another told the driver he was a “complete b*ll end”.

Defending the move, the TikToker who goes by Jobbertok, said the slingshot actually benefited everyone on the road not just him. 

“Now I just know that someone’s got the world’s smallest violin and saying ‘Why is your journey more important than everyone else’s? and it’s not,” he said. 

“By doing this we’re actually creating a little gap in the constant traffic that was causing that road to be congested in the first place, and letting a few cars out.” 

Not everyone was offended by the move – a lot of people actually praised the driver for his smart thinking. 

“How have I never thought to do this before!?,” one guy said. 

“That’s such a good idea!” another said. 

Others even lightly scorned him for sharing the ‘secret’. 

“Sshh don’t give away the secrets!” one guy said.

“I do this all the time, don’t give everyone else the idea though!” another said.

Some couldn’t understand exactly how he got around all the traffic while still taking the exit he needed, so the TikToker created a graphic to explain it. 

You can watch that here! 

In response to the vid, one man claimed that the slingshot was unlikely to work in America “because it requires too much cooperation between drivers”. 



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