J. Cole sold his car and swapped it for surprising mode of transport

The American rapper and record producer prefers something that's manpowered over horsepower.

  •  J. Cole sold his car and replaced with a bike
  • He’s frequently seen riding his bike through Manhattan
  • There’s even an Instagram page to follow his two-wheeled adventures

Published on Nov 30, 2023 at 3:43PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 4, 2023 at 2:59PM (UTC+4)

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J. Cole sold his car and swapped it for surprising mode of transport

While Dr Dre, Eminem and Jay Z are known for their enviable car collections, J. Cole was built different.

Over a custom supercar the American rapper and record producer prefers something with less horsepower.

His ride is actually powered by manpower and has fewer wheels: two to be exact.

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That’s right, he sold his Range Rover for a bicycle.

Like Drake he’s partial to an expensive watch – however a superstar on a bicycle always turns head.

Just like Conor McGregor stealing attention away from a Bugatti as he cycled past.


This interview was shared on YouTube by JulseyHipHop to his 1.34m followers.

The interviewer asks whether he has expensive watches – which J. Cole agrees with.

He agrees adding that they and his jewellery is, in fact, expensive.

However he goes on to tell her about his transport situation.

“I sold my car I had a Range at one point – I sold it,” he said.

“I ride my bike through Manhattan.

“No – no more car just a bike car, yeah.”

And this bank-riding rapper has caused a bit of a stir.

In fact, there’s a whole Instagram account dedicated to his cycling around the city.

The comment section was, predictably, divided.

“Dude just goes to the beat of his own drum. I can’t help but respect that,” said one.

“Dudes get rich to get confidence then realize money doesn’t buy you swag.,” said another.

“Well at least he’s helping keep his carbon footprint down,” commented a third.

However, others weren’t as impressed by his two-wheeled transport.

“Lets be honest who needs a car in manhatten (sic),” said one.

A second said: “A car in that city ain’t nothing but a problem.”

A Reddit thread, meanwhile, went to town trying to determine the bike the rapper was riding.

One commenter seemed to have the answer.

“It’s a Bianchi,” they confirmed.

“Probably a model from a couple of years ago in the Milano line or one of the other bikes that get city names (Cortina, Torino, Siena).

“The current versions have a different logo.”

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