The world’s biggest Hummer is as long as a humpback whale and makes cars look like toys

No, this is not an optical illusion. This monster is real and it's been spotted driving the streets.

by | Published on 13th Apr 2022

The world’s biggest Hummer is the length of a humpback whale, as wide as three Tesla Model 3s side-by-side, and as tall as three Shaq’s standing on top of each other.

In other words, it’s gigantic.

We’re not sure how it came about but we like to think creator Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan looked at a regular Hummer and said, far too small.

Known as the Rainbow Sheikh, he has built some seriously weird and wonderful vehicles over the years including the world’s largest SUV.

Now he has built the world’s biggest Hummer, because why not.

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Standing at 6.5m tall, 14m long and 6m wide, this gigantic Hummer is somehow road legal and has been seen patrolling the roads of Sharjah – a city in the United Arab Emirates, 30km from Dubai.

When it is not being driven, this giant Hummer resides at the Sheikh’s Sharjah Off-Road History Museum.

Known as the Hummer H1 X3 (presumably because it is three times larger than a standard H1).

It is built on the basis of a US Army LARC-LX steel-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle and is powered by four diesel engines.

Despite having four engines, this colossal beast is only capable of a top speed of 32km/h. But then again, it does weigh a heck of a lot more than a normal H1.

The vehicle’s interior is still a work in progress but it does have two storeys.

The first floor has stairs, a toilet and a sink, while the second features a majlis (a private place where house guests and friends are received and entertained) with a 360-degree view outside.

The billionaire ‘Rainbow Sheikh’ behind this project is a member of the Emirati royal family, and holds the Guinness World record for the largest collection of 4×4 vehicles at 718 models – he is truly mad and we love it.




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