Top 9 most expensive purchases in 2023 

  • The top 0.01% love to splash the cash
  • From cars to real estate, there’s always a way to up the ante – and the price
  • We break down the top nine purchases of 2023

Published on Dec 21, 2023 at 9:32 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Dec 22, 2023 at 9:46 PM (UTC+4)
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Top 9 most expensive purchases in 2023 

While here at Supercar Blondie we often report on the lavish outgoings of the top 0.01 percent – there are certain benchmark purchases that really take our breath away.

From real estate to additions to billionaire’s exclusive car collections and beyond – we break down the top 9 most expensive purchases of 2023.

The penthouse

While the most expensive penthouse, and property overall, won’t be completed until 2027 – it’s already sold.

Raising an eye-watering figure of $136,200,000 – it offers 21,900 feet of usable space at 71 stories.

That makes it the most expensive penthouse in the UAE – and one of the most expensive penthouses in the world.

Located on Palm Jumeirah, the Como Penthouse is one of 26 penthouses available, and one of 76 units available in total from this particular building.

The identity of the buyer has not as yet been disclosed, but rumor has it the penthouse is undergoing some radical customization.

The car

Rolls-Royce unveiled the world’s most expensive and exclusive new car at Monterey Car Week.

Apparently, it was commissioned by a super-rich wife and husband from a glamorous art-loving, champagne and fashion dynasty.

The car – just like a rose – changes color according to how it’s viewed, and in the right light also exudes a dark shade of red.

The La Rose Droptail comes with a removable hard top with an electrochromic glass section which, at the touch of a button, instantly switches from dark to a near-translucent shade.

A specially commissioned removable 43mm Audemars Piguet luxury watch doubles as both a dashboard clock, but can be released from a clasp and worn as a watch using a stored strap.

 A five-year labour of love, it comes with a $31.8 million price tag.

The mansion

Billionaire and hedge-fund manager, Ken Griffin, is worth an estimated $34.2 billion.

That how he’s building the world’s most expensive home.

Founder and CEO of Chicago-based Citadel, its move to Miami signalled a homecoming for the Florida native.

Returning to home soil from NYC, his record-breaking mega-estate is being erected in Palm Beach.

He purchased more than 20 acres of prime real estate for his venture over 10 years.

Now that’s done, he’s spending between $150 to $400 million on a sprawling ocean-to-lake mega-estate according to industry insiders.

It’s estimated that, on completion, the home will be worth $1 billion.

The sim racing wheel

Porsche is now selling a wildly expensive sim racing wheel for $10,475.

Called the 911 GT3 Cup, it’s limited edition and doesn’t come cheap. 

Sim racing is a serious sport, and racers are always looking for ways to upscale their rigs. 

And this, Porsche says, is the best of the best. 

Limited to only 150 units, it’s been modified to hook up to almost any rig. 

It’s made with ultra-light carbon fiber and was only slightly modified for gaming purposes. 

In fact, it’s almost identical to a genuine Porsche 911 GT3 Cup steering wheel.

The cruise

While an experience rather an asset, the Regent Seven Sea Cruises is the most expensive cruise in – or around – the world.

The journey lasts a total of 168 nights and costs more than a house.

The cruise starts and ends in Miami, and will take you to every continent except Antarctica.

It’s a long list but, among other places, you’ll be visiting Mexico, Kiribati, Hawaii, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Mozambique, and Portugal with 465 excursions included.

Several different suites are available, and the biggest and most expensive one is absolutely massive.

Spanning across 186 square feet, it has two balconies that are larger than some NYC studios, and two bedrooms.

Pricing starts at around $102,000 per person, and that’s for the ‘cheap’ room.

If you want the luxury master suite, you’ve got to be ready to fork out $296,000 per person – and that’s just the starting price.

The number plate

The world’s most expensive number plate fetched eight figures in Dubai this year.

Not only is it more expensive than any car on sale today, it is more expensive than most things money can buy.

The number plate in question, which simply reads ‘P7’, was part of Emirates Auction’s Most Noble Numbers charity auction.

When the gavel fell, the winning bid was AED55 million – equivalent to $14.98 million.

$27 million of the proceeds went towards the One Billion Meals campaign, which aims to combat global hunger.

It was later spotted on a one-off Mansory Edition Cullinan.

‘The Gathering’ card

A video emerged of Post Malone purchasing the coveted ‘The One Ring’ card at a games store in Toronto, Canada.

Magic The Gathering player Brook Trafton sold the card to Post Malone, sharing a video of the exchange to TikTok.

“When I first found the One Ring, the first person who came to mind was Post Malone,” he said.

While the Sunflower singer and the seller remained tight-lipped on the exact price of the card, it was valued at a crazy $2 million.

Post Malone reportedly bought it for well over that amount, too – $2.6 million, per fan speculation, which is a record-breaking price.

The superyacht

This is Amazon mogul, Jeff Bezos’ brand-new $500 million superyacht, ‘Koru’.

The billionaire’s new vessel is the tallest sailing yacht in the world, measuring over 70 meters (230 feet) tall.

It’s so tall that it’s unable to pass under the Koningshaven Bridge in The Netherlands.

It’s also the second largest superyacht, after Sailing Yacht A.

The vessel was built in the Netherlands by Oceanco starting in 2021, and was delivered to its billionaire owner earlier this year.

It’s reported to have cost $500 million to build.

The private jet

Elon Musk doesn’t just own one private jet, he owns several.

His first jet, which cost $26 million, has your usual reclining seats, dining room and bedroom, but he bought this before he became a billionaire.

When he reached billionaire territory, Musk forked out $124 million for two Gulfstream G550 private jets just to get one up on billionaire Mark Cuban.

But when the newer G650 model came out he had to cop that, too, splashing another $75 million in the process.

And, just like you and I might put down $1,000 for the newest iPhone model, this year Elon Musk dropped another $75 million when the latest G700 private jet was released. 


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