This autonomous truck concept could be the future of hauling

Not only is it driverless, but it's more maneuverable than current trucks as well.

by | Published on 12th Sep 2022

This autonomous truck is one of the wildest concepts we’ve seen, and it could be the future of goods hauling.

The concept is called Atlantis, and it’s clear to see that it’s been designed from the offset as a purely autonomous vehicle.

There’s no cabin for anyone to sit inside here – just a low, aerodynamic body that an equally aerodynamic trailer attaches to.

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Designed by Roman Dolzhenko and Dmitry Voronezhtsev, Atlantis was conceptualized with long-distance highway transportation in mind.

While there’s no mention of what they see powering it, it’s likely the truck body would be stuffed full of batteries to increase its range.

The truck features six wheels, but not in the typical arrangement most semi-trucks use.

This has four wheels at the front for steering and just two at the rear to put the power down.

But the most impressive wheel arrangement is what’s on the trailer.

It uses one massive but skinny wheel that’s taller than the trailer itself.

To increase maneuverability, these big wheels can also turn to reduce the truck’s turning circle.


The trailer also hinges near the front of the truck body rather than at the back of it, also helping it turn more easily.

That long, sloping trailer arm should help the air glide over the vehicle more easily than a typically boxy truck and trailer combo as well.

Will this autonomous truck be made?

It’s unlikely this concept will ever be produced given how few details are provided beyond these renders.

And that’s not to mention how far off autonomous vehicle technology is as well.

However, it does offer a glimpse into what trucks will look like in the future.



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