The world's biggest car contains entire apartment only enterable by secret door
Iconic Lamborghini Countach from 'Wolf of Wall Street' had a bid of $1.35m but didn’t sell
This is why Waymo self-driving cars are about to take over your city
Tesla Cybertruck battery capacity leaks amid range speculation


Dubai police add Lamborghini Urus Performante to its already outrageous fleet of cars
The police force's supercar fleet just got more deadly.
The Rock owns an ultra-exclusive ultra-rare $3.4m Pagani Huayra
The key is a miniature model of the car itself.
Porsche's new active suspension system is blowing everyone away
The hydraulic suspension labell 'Active Ride' is pretty wild.
Two unseen Cybertruck features discovered as launch is imminent
You've never seen these features before.
Tesla creates game-changing safety feature that will protect pedestrians and cyclists
Tesla has raised the bar for the Model 3 to prevent head trauma in the...
$2m McLaren Senna that was hoisted into a multimillionaire's penthouse is now the world's most beautiful 'decoration'
The owner just posted photos of the hypercar in its new home, and it's...
World's highest millage car could have been driven to the moon 14 times
Three million miles of driving is roughly equivalent to driving 120 trips...
Driver manages to squeeze car out from the tightest parking spot possible in expert feat
They're just little love taps.
Inside the futuristic 27-foot all-electric trailer designed by ex-Tesla employees
We've never seen a shower like this in a trailer before.
Leaked photos of Tesla Cybertruck interior appear online ahead of delivery event
The leaked images appear to be professional press photos.
This is the only Lamborghini V12 Vision GT ever made and it's breathtaking
You're not going to want to miss this.
Bugatti unveils stunning finalized interior of Bolide hypercar
This is a track monster.
Man sick of paying rent converts Chevrolet truck into fully functional home
He's now saving $1,800 per month on rent.
The Citroën Karin is probably the oddest concept car that never made it
It looks like it's come straight from the set of a sci-fi movie.
The Mini Mini Cooper is the tiniest most compact car in the world but you can still drive it
Believe it or not, it actually works.
Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix has exceptional details
The fading 'EB' logo pattern is a nice touch.
You’ll be able to buy cars on Amazon starting in 2024
Amazon will allow users to buy a Hyundai car directly through the site.
Cybertruck's pick-up bed in use shows just how small it is
It looks hilarious.
This man just found an abandoned F1 car graveyard near his home
The mysterious abandoned F1 car graveyard includes Michael Schumacher's...
Meet the Human Horizons HiPhi Z: China's newest Super GT
The second most expensive car to come out of China features hoards of digital...
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