This $10 million superyacht is the Ferrari of the sea

It even has an on-board garage for your Ferrari.

by | Published on 21st Oct 2022

This $10 million superyacht has a garage for your Ferrari.

It’s called the Gran Turismo Mediterranea and it takes luxury to a whole new level. 

Created by Lazzarini, the 88-foot-long Ferrari yacht is designed to look like a Prancing Horse on the water.

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So, let’s start with the garage. 

Lazzarini has designed the back of the boat so you can literally drive your Ferrari on board. 

The platform extends upwards and out, ready for you to drive on, then lifts the car into position on the back deck.


It’s definitely a wild concept, but unless you have a world-class cover to protect it from sea spray, the onboard garage is not without its design flaws. 

Also, the garage doubles as the yacht’s sundeck, so if you have your Ferrari onboard, it takes up the majority of the boat’s aft section.

Just like the supercars, the Ferrari yacht has been designed with aerodynamic wings. 

Lazzarini says these contribute to the yacht’s ability to reach its maximum speed of 70 knots. 

The Gran Turismo Mediterranea also has massive gullwing doors that lead to the interior cabin. 

Inside, the cabin is large enough to accommodate four guests and a couple of crew members comfortably. 

There are two double guest cabins on the main level and lower deck and two rooms for the crew below deck. 

The yacht also has a lounge and dining area on the main deck.

The Ferrari of the Sea doesn’t have a pool or a movie theatre like some other superyachts, and it wasn’t designed for long explorations.

It was designed for speed. 

As such, it’s got an epic quarterdeck for the captain including high-backed Ferrari bucket seats.

Although it’s just a concept at this stage, it’s definitely competition for the Lamborghini 63 superyacht which is famously owned by mixed martial artist Conor McGregor.



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