Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller is launching its NFT collection

Owners will have the chance to redeem the NFT for an actual timepiece.

by | Published on 22nd Jul 2022

Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller has just launched a collection of NFTs in partnership with Binance.

The limited-edition drop will give owners several perks, including the chance to redeem the NFT for an actual Franck Muller timepiece.

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The collection is called ‘Mystery by Franck Muller‘ and, as the name suggests, it consists of various mystery boxes, minted as non-fungible tokens, each of which contains a surprise reward.

The reward depends on a few different factors, obviously the amount you pay is one of them but luck also plays a key role.

Lucky owners of the NFT will be able to receive metaverse wearables, Apple Watch faces and access to Franck Muller private events.

And there’s more because if you manage to get 10 or more mystery boxes, you’ll also be whitelisted to gain early access to Franck Muller’s NFT avatar release.

In order to properly celebrate the drop, Franck Muller has also created a one-off timepiece that will be auctioned off on Binance’s NFT marketplace.

Luxury brands have been extremely eager to jump on the NFT bandwagon in recent times but you have to give credit where credit’s due because this is not Franck Muller’s first rodeo.

Back in 2019, the brand released the Vanguard Encrypto, a limited-edition wristwatch that incorporates a Bitcoin wallet with its own Bitcoin address.

The dial features a laser-etched QR code, which you can scan and use to deposit BTC and check the balance of your wallet in live time.

The watch is actually programmable, so that means that you can set it up to include the information of another Bitcoin wallet you may have.

Quite cool, huh?

So the question now is… how much?

The cost of the NFTS hasn’t been announced yet, this will likely happen on July 27 when the collection actually drops.

As for the Vanguard Encrypto, there are a few models available in the pre-owned market, priced at around $20,000.

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