This is the $150 million Hamptons estate that no buyer wants to go near

Located on 'billionaire's beach', not even billionaires want this estate.

by | Published on 14th Dec 2022

This beachfront property in Southampton is listed for an eye-watering $150 million, making it the most expensive home for sale in the Hamptons. 

Called La Dune, the estate has two houses, two swimming pools, and a sunken tennis court. 

There’s just one problem; no one wants to buy it.

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La Dune is located in one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. 

It’s where millionaires and billionaires go to holiday with their families in the summer. 

Unfortunately, not one of those millionaires or billionaires wants this particular house.


One reason for that is the estate has been on and off the market since 2016.

The compound consists of two mansions and between the two of them, there are 19 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.

It also has a movie theatre, billiard room, gym, fireplace, a 6-car gargage, and of course, incredible ocean views.

The original house was built more than 100 years ago, well before the second home was built on the property in the early 2000s.

Nest Seekers’ Shawn Elliott said the price of the land itself is worth well over $100 million. 

And with the estate positioned on what’s commonly referred to as ‘billionaire’s beach’, we believe it too.

Despite the prime location, buyers still think the listing price is well above what it’s actually worth.

La Dune history 

La Dune was previously owned by magazine publisher Louise Blouin before she put it on the market for $140 million in 2016. 

While there was plenty of interest, the home never actually sold. 

Despite not selling, it hasn’t sat empty.

La Dune has been listed as a summer rental for the uber-wealthy. 

In fact, even the amount of money you would need to rent it will make your eyes water. 

For a one-month stay, you will need to fork out more than $1 million.

Louise Blouin hasn’t lost faith in the property’s saleability either, listing it again in August this year. 

She even raised the asking price by $10 million. 

Should the home sell for the $150 million asking price, it will be the most expensive home ever sold in the Hamptons. 



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