Moon lander that broke sent back a final poignant image from space
World's first silent mask means you can hold full conversations in public without being heard
Former Apple employee says there's only one real way to save your iPhone's battery
Apple claims new generative AI will be revolutionary


Unedited, raw footage shows spacecraft ripping through the atmosphere at mach 25
The Varda Space Industries craft reached mach 25 upon re-entry into the...
eVTOL air taxi completes its first inter-city flight in China
It's almost time for take off.
World's first silent mask means you can hold full conversations in public without being heard
Silence speaks volumes.
Fascinating 'Ringbot' monocycle robot rolls around and balances on two legs
The monocycle robot can go at speeds up to 5 km/h.
New Xbox console to be released this year and they will be all-digital
How do you feel about all-digital consoles?
Dubai hosts first-ever jet suit race that's 'exactly like Iron Man'
They can reach speeds of 128 km/h (80 mph).
iPhone 17 leaks suggest that you're better off skipping the 16 and waiting for this
It's promising big.
The remarkable story of the man who traveled faster than the speed of sound free-falling from space
Imagine breaking the sound barrier... with your body.
Motorola shows off bizarre smartphone concept that wraps around your wrist
It's a throwback to the slap bracelet.
NASA managed to take pictures of the 1,640ft asteroid that flew past Earth
Thankfully it posed no danger to us.
Energizer unveils phone with battery that can 'last for a whole week' on a single charge
You can binge the entirety of a TV series without coming up for air.
Joe Rogan stunned watching Tesla's Optimus Gen 2 robots mimic humans perfectly
“This is 'I, Robot'.”
NASA orbiter pictured a 'very recent impact crater' on Mars
It's a massive 1 km (0.6 m) wide.
The Tesla that Elon Musk launched into space 6 years ago is moving towards Mars
An ironic twist of fate.
Chinese tech company launch brand new smartphone that allows you to control and move cars with your eyes
Get ready for life-size RC cars.
Elon Musk shares new video of 'Optimus' robot strolling confidently around lab
Robots are looking more and more human.
Footage from Perseverance rover of Mars surprised everyone for how similar it is to Earth
It looks just like a sierra or a desert.
China claiming to have developed wild new plasma tech that can make aircraft invisible
It could be a game changer for the military.
NASA successfully test revolutionary nuclear-powered rocket engine set to shorten trip to Mars
And it's 3D printed, too.
Webb telescope just discovered what's been hidden in famous supernova
It took over 40 years, but they finally managed to find what they're looking...
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