This James Bond mansion has a supercar vault protected by a tank full of sharks

The supercar vault also has a lift that will deliver your car to you.

by | Published on 28th Dec 2022

This house is inspired by the latest James Bond movie and has been dubbed the ultimate ‘supervillain house’. 

The James Bond mansion, which sits atop a cliff overlooking the ocean, has a supercar vault with a lift that will deliver your car to you. 

And that’s not all, the supercar vault is surrounded by a shark tank.

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The house was designed by Omar Hakim for the Metaverse and it’s a supercar lover’s dream.

The mansion is built around the supercar vault, which is big enough to accommodate 12 cars. 

With the vault at the center of the home, the shark tank that wraps around it can be seen from every part of the house.


To get to the house, you can either drive by car or get there by boat. 

The home also has a helipad so you can drive, boat or fly into the estate.

When you arrive by boat, a glass elevator will transport you from the beach to the living room. 

Inside, the home has everything you could think of including an infinity pool looking out over the ocean and indoor zen gardens. 

It might be designed for a superhero, but it would be a dream home for just about anyone.

Floating Venice

Speaking of incredible designs, this is Floating Venice, a resort coming to Dubai. 

Inspired by the Italian city, the Floating Venice resort will have underwater suites with views of the surrounding sea life. 

And unlike the supervillain house which exists only in the Metaverse (for now), this Dubai-based resort is actually getting built. 

And of the resort’s 414 suites, 180 will be underwater.

The rest will have views out over the iconic Dubai skyline. 

The five-star resort will have water canals running under bridges and winding through Mediterranean-inspired buildings. 

Once built, it will compete with some of the world’s most extravagant 5-star resorts. 



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