Liberty Walk unveiled a widebody Ferrari F40 and purists aren’t happy

Japanese tuner Liberty Walk 'worked its magic' on a rare Ferrari F40 - one of only 1,311 ever built.

by | Published on 17th Jan 2023

Liberty Walk showed up at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon with a widebody Ferrari F40.

This is guaranteed to divide opinions because it is basically the automotive equivalent of putting pineapple on pizza.

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Liberty Walk fitted a (much wider) rear bumper and huge wheel arches at the back.

The company also replaced the iconic F40 wing with a new one made from carbon fiber.


The same material was used for the rear and front diffuser, and the front cowl.

The fenders have been widened, the car has been lowered, and the factory wheels were replaced with aftermarket ones wrapped in Toyo tires.

Buckle up because there’s more as the interior was also modified.

Liberty Walk ditched the original seats and replaced them with Sparco ones made from carbon fiber.

They did the same thing with the Liberty Walk-branded Sparco steering wheel.

Last but certainly not least, the Japanese tuner applied several decals across the bodywork, including one on the hood that reads: ‘# slammed’.

There really is a lot to process here and lest we forget, this is a rare car: only 1,311 units exist.

Liberty Walk has done it before.

Earlier this year, the tuning company unveiled a heavily customized Ferrari F430.

As for the F40, customers may or may not like this car but one thing’s for sure: purists won’t love it.

More to the point, Ferrari will hate it.

The Italian supercar manufacturer is notoriously ultra-strict and aggressive when it comes to protecting its brand.

Not that long ago, and this is just one example, Ferrari blacklisted Justin Bieber after he painted his 458 Italia neon blue.

Other notable celebrities banned from owning a Ferrari include Chris Harris, rapper Tyga and DJ Deadmau5.

Is Liberty Walk next?



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