Smart Car driver attempts to drive up steps in epic car fail

The driver of the Smart Car thought the little city car was nibble enough to make it up the steps and into the house, but it ended in an epic car fail.

by | Published on 23rd Feb 2023

Talk about an epic car fail.

What on earth was going through the mind of this Smart Car driver?

Yeah, it’s a nimble little city car, but surely they didn’t think they could actually make it up the steps and into the house.

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Well, that’s exactly what they tried to do.

The YouTube video shows the Smart Car mounting the sidewalk before accelerating up the steps.

It doesn’t quite work out as planned, so the driver reverses back down the steps in the process colliding with a metal gate.


A bewildered onlooker even has to step in, taking a hold of the gate before some serious damage is done.

The Smart Car then backs up off the curb, narrowly missing a passing car.

In all their wisdom, the driver then makes a second attempt at launching the little car up the steps.

They manage to get a little further up the steps this time, but we can’t imagine it was good for the poor little car.

We’re not quite sure if the onlooker is a passerby or a passenger who’s got out of the Smart Car.

In the video they appear to be on their cell phone looking on in amazement.

If only we could be privy to their conversation.

You can, however, hear the occupants of the car from which the video was being filmed chuckling to themselves.

Not going to lie, we’d probably have laughed, too.

Another epic car fail

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an epic fail of this proportion.

There was that time a VW Passat became impaled on a pole in a Walmart parking lot.

Quite how that particular car ended up there was a mystery.

One can only surmise the driver didn’t see the pole while navigating the parking lot at night.

A moment of carelessness can prove costly, as the VW driver will know only too well, judging by the damage that was caused to the vehicle.



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