This 235-foot superyacht can fold into a beach club with the press of a button

This is more than just a prototype, delivery is scheduled for 2025.

by | Published on 19th Aug 2022

This is the Moonflower 72, a giant concept yacht equipped with two folding terraces that can be turned into a beach club.

The platform is part of the boat’s expandable aft deck and is so big it includes a sunken sea-water pool.

And this isn’t your average concept yacht, it was commissioned by an anonymous buyer and it is being built as we speak.

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Nauta Design and Wilder, the companies that created the yacht, have even given the beach club a name.

They call it ‘The Island’.

When the boat is stationary, the foldable 1,200-square-foot platform provides enough space for about a dozen people.

There are four sun decks in addition to the expandable one, and of course, there’s also a helipad.


The yacht is also a festival of technology.

There’s an artificial-intelligence system that studies the habits of the guests and reacts accordingly.

For example, when the system detects human presence, it automatically turns on the AC and the lights.

Conversely, when you leave the cabin, the AI will automatically turn everything off.

Obviously, the owner can always override the system and manually change anything they want.

The 235-foot superyacht is made almost entirely out of aluminium, with the exception of the hull, which is made of steel.

Inside, you’ll find wood, porcelain for the bathrooms and even vegan leather.

In terms of performance, the Moonflower 72 is equipped with two electric generators powered by a massive battery.

The concept yacht develops around 2,500 hp and can travel at speeds of up to 12 knots, equivalent to 14 mph.

And by the way, this is more than just a prototype.

After it was commissioned by an anonymous buyer, it’s being built and delivery is scheduled for 2025.

The price, just like the identity of the owner, is unknown.

But based on its size and futuristic technology, it’s easy to imagine a price tag of at least $200 million.



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