De Tomaso unveils all-new $3 million hypercar, the P900

There’s still a small number available to buy (if you’ve got $3 million to spend that is).

by | Published on 29th Nov 2022

This is De Tomaso’s all-new $3 million hypercar

Called the P900, there will be just 18 examples ever made. 

The good news is that there’s still a small number available to buy (if you’ve got $3 million to spend, that is).

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The naturally aspirated V12 hypercar makes 900 hp and weighs just 900kg. 

That’s where the ‘P900’ name comes from, by the way.


The two-seater hypercar, which is a track-only variant, has been designed by Jowyn Wong – the lead designer behind the incredible P72

De Tomaso Automobili is positioning the P900 as a “thoroughbred track-focused tool” inspired by Alejandro De Tomaso’s lifelong passion and obsession with motor racing.


De Tomaso Automobili says the P900 will have a full carbon fiber exterior. 

It will share the same swooping curves found on the P72, while also wearing De Tomaso’s traditional sharp, purposeful lines. 

While race-focused, De Tomaso says it has not forgotten the creature comforts driver’s really want on the road, including cup holders. 

Lead designer Jowyn Wong said the car was “aggressive by nature yet still romantic, invoking the emotions of 60s/ 70s Le Mans Prototypes”.

De Tomaso P900 powertrain and performance

The P900 has a bespoke, naturally aspirated V12 engine. 

The powertrain was designed and developed in-house with Capricorn GmbH.

The performance figures and details will remain a secret for now, only available to the lucky 18 owners. 

While they’re keeping mom on many of the details, we do know the power will be sent to the rear-wheels only, with a sequential gearbox at the heart of the car. 

The hypercar maker says the P900 exists to be driven, not kept in a glass case. 

“Every detail of the P900’s development has been moulded around driver feel and providing an authentic and accessible racing experience,” it said. 

Electric vs internal combustion future 

De Tomaso Automobili acknowledges there is a future for electric vehicle technology but says its focus remains “solely on creating longevity for the naturally aspirated, soulful, internal combustion engine that enthusiasts so often yearn for”. 

The supercar maker says it has also started development on an entirely new 12-cylinder platform that can run solely on synthetic fuel. 

With this, it hopes to create the world’s first carbon neutral V12. 

CEO Norman Choi said it was “difficult to accept a silent EV driven future”. 

“We believe that alternatives do exist and the development of our new platform, driven by synthetic fuels, is our solution for keeping this shared passion for the theatre of combustion engines alive,” he said. 

“This venture into synthetic fuels represents our commitment to the pursuit of a zero emissions mobility future without sacrificing the crucial element which we all hold so dear – the soul and symphony of an engine.” 

The De Tomaso p900 will officially arrive in April 2023. 

About Alejandro De Tomaso 

Alejandro De Tomaso was born in Argentina but spent most of his life in Italy.

He began his career as a test driver for OSCA in Bologna, Italy. 

He was a skilled mechanic, but he had big ambitions. 

Having grown frustrated with design limitations imposed by his team, he left to start his own company building race cars. 

Over the years, De Tomaso went on to produce cars for some of the biggest names in motorsport racing. 

The P900 now serves as a tribute to Alejandro De Tomaso’s achievements and unrelenting passion for racing. 



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