Inside La Fin: The $140 million Bel Air mega mansion with a supercar elevator

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Inside La Fin: The $140 million Bel Air mega mansion with a supercar elevator

This $140 million mansion has a rock-climbing wall, a sub-zero vodka room, and a supercar elevator. 

Called La Fin, this mansion is nestled in the hills of Bel Air.

Bel Air is home to some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

In fact, Beyonce and Jay Z live just down the street. 

Take a tour of the mansion with Supercar Blondie in the video below!

So if you ever run out of sugar, well, it might be a good excuse to meet the neighbors! 

As you walk in (using fingerprint activation, because keys are for poor people) you have a chandelier above, a bar to the right, a living room to the left, and views over the city right in front of you. 


There’s also a staircase that wraps around a chandelier that drops through the middle of it. 

The 40-foot chandelier is made out of 50,000 Swarovski crystals and costs a cool $1 million to build… that’s more than most people’s entire houses. 

The builders even had to replace the ceiling so it was strong enough to hold it. 

Once you step outside, there’s a huge infinity pool, with a secret feature. 

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At the touch of a button, a 23-FOOT-wide TV screen pops out so you can watch a movie by the pool. 

And the builders thought of everything… 

The screen has an automatic weather detection system that’ll shut it down if it’s too windy or if it starts to rain. 

There is also a feature wall lined with plants and a MOAT that goes all the way around the house (talk about the stuff of fairy tales).

Back inside the home, there is no expense spared. 

There are 12 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, and the furniture throughout the house is all custom made. 

The furniture alone cost a staggering $3 million. 

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And the coolest feature? 

There’s a supercar elevator (yep). 

This means when the owner drives their car back home, they don’t just park it.

They drive it inside the house and onto the rotating elevator. 

When they’re ready to drive again, they’ll simply select which car they want (because if you can afford a $141 million mansion, you no doubt have a selection of daily drives) and their car will be delivered to them. 

The rotating elevator can store six cars, so let’s hope the buyer has no more, otherwise they might have to actually park it like a normal person (god forbid!)

On the ground floor, there’s an open-air gym, a spa room, a Jacuzzi, a private cinema and a rock-climbing wall. 

It’s packed with literally everything you could ever imagine (tbh, it sounds a bit like the houses I built on The Sims when I was a kid, but this one’s legit). 

Dr. Joseph Englanoff bought the plot of land in 2014 for just $5 million, with the dream to turn it into the ultimate entertainer’s home.

And that he did.

So if you’ve got a spare $141 million, check this place out on The Agency because you won’t find anything else like it. 

But be warned, the costs don’t end there. 

It costs an estimated $3 million just to maintain the property each year. 

But if you’ve got $141 million, I guess that’s just a drop in the ocean for you. 


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