Maserati should build this crazy superbike

Hubless wheels, Alien-like design and an electric engine: this Maserati superbike belongs to a sci-fi movie

by | Published on 23rd Jan 2023

Maserati hasn’t made a motorbike in over 50 years but perhaps that ought to change.

Tomáš Klečka, an automotive design student from the Czech Republic, certainly thinks so.

Maybe that’s the reason why he came up with this crazy concept.

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The Maserati E-Superbike Concept, this is what Klečka calls it, was actually sketched for a Maserati design contest.

The bike looks like something out of an Alien movie.


The bodywork looks like it was carved out of a single block of composite material.

The center part covers the electric engine, the slim rear section incorporates the seat, and the front section integrates the fender.

The wheels, which are massive, are fitted with hub-less rims.

The body is painted in dark shade of red, some would call it burgundy, and decorated with a large white strip, which also accommodates the brand’s iconic trident logo.

Maserati superbike pricing

No technical specifications have been revealed but we do know that the bike is designed to be electric.

This means, in theory, the Maserati superbike could be a potential rival for the 105-hp Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

In practice, we think it belongs in the same category as the Aston Martin AMB001 – the motorcycle Aston made in partnership with Brough Superior.

With a $120,000 price tag, the Aston Martin AMB001 basically costs the same as some supercars.

This crazy Maserati superbike would probably end up costing even more.

Maserati’s history with motorcycles

Maserati’s reign as a motorcycle manufacturer was relatively short-lived.

The company began producing components, mostly for third-party companies, in the late 1940s but discontinued production just a decade later.

By 1960, Maserati had already given up on bikes to focus on cars.

To be fair, it sort of worked out for them, didn’t it?



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