New Mercedes EQXX made with mushrooms and CACTUS

The interior is made out of plastic bottles, bamboo, cactus leather, and mushroom leather.

by | Published on 23rd Jun 2022

The new Mercedes EQXX is made using mushroom and cactus leather.

Recycled plastic bottles are used to make up parts of the doors, and the floor mats are made of bamboo.

Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi got an exclusive look at the EQXX in Monaco – you can watch her drive it below.


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The fully-electric sedan is capable of doing more than 1000km (621mi) on a single charge as verified by the German Technical Inspection Association.

Wearing a sleek droptail design, it’s incredibly aerodynamic which helps extend its range.

There’s even a rear diffuser that can be automatically deployed above speeds of 50km/h (31mph).

It also has ducts that help guide air over the top of its totally flat wheels, reducing drag.

Even the radiator has been angled specifically to improve airflow.

The mirrors have also been carefully considered to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

The emblem is also now a sticker because, yep you guessed it, Mercedes wanted to improve aero and reduce weight.

As the screens for digital side mirrors would also add too much weight, Mercedes fitted the EQXX with normal mirrors instead.

After all, reducing weight is incredibly important for improving range.


Tipping the scales at just 1.7 tonnes, it weighs just 100kg more than a Mercedes-Benz C-Class which it shares its wheelbase with.

That’s also around half a tonne less than Mercedes’ EQS electric sedan.

However, if you thought the exterior of the EQXX was futuristic, just wait until you see the interior.

It has a massive screen that spans across the entire dashboard.

It’s a touchscreen the whole way across and can display some next-level information.

Not only can the whole thing turn into a massive map, but it will tell you which way the wind is blowing.

That way, you’ll know you can speed up without using any extra battery life.

However, if you do use a bit too much, there are solar panels in the roof to give you an extra 20km (12.4mi) of range each day.

Unfortunately, the EQXX won’t be making it to production, meaning Alex was one of only a handful of people who will ever drive it.

However, Mercedes has confirmed some of the technology and materials will be seen in its future road cars.



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