Private jet concept “The Blue Empress” is the coolest thing you’ll ever see

Even the cockpit is lined with custom Persian rugs.
  • This plane is designed to meet the requirements and style of a royal family
  • The whole private jet is decked out in blue and gold, including the ceiling and the bed
  • The cockpit features quilted bucket seats,

Published on Nov 9, 2023 at 8:04PM (UTC+4)

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Private jet concept The Blue Empress is the coolest thing youll ever see
Harshdeep Arora / Instagram

This may be the most lavish private jet we’ve ever seen.

Decked out in shades of blue and gold, this plane is fit for a royal.

Everything from the ceiling to the engines has been customized.

And though it appears small, this jet even features a walk-in wardrobe.

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Most jets come in shades of white and gray.

Not only does this one opt for a bold royal blue, but it’s covered in gold decals too.

The paint job takes inspiration from Persia, featuring blue and white floral patterns and glimmering accents.

Even the aircraft stairway is decked out to ensure that every step of your journey is a luxurious one.

The interior is just as opulent as the outside.

The cockpit features quilted bucket seats and a bespoke Persian rug.

Next is the serving area, where meals are served on platters with gilded cutlery.

There are multiple living areas in the plane.

The first space features a single row of seats, to maximise legroom.

The tables don’t fold away, but with that ornate detailing, you wouldn’t want to hide them anyway.

Neither of the seating areas has an overhead compartment, but that doesn’t mean you’d have to pack light for a trip on this plane.

Quite the contrary, as there is an entire walk-in-wardrobe.

At the back of the plane is the master bedroom

In here is a full-sized bed complete with throw pillows, a luxurious quilt and pressed ceilings.

And if you think this is the jet of your dreams, you’d literally be right.

The Blue Empress only exists in our dreams, for now, because it is the work of AI artist Harshdeep Arora.

He’s designed it with royalty in mind.

“Has to be a private jet for a Saudi prince,” one commenter said.

“It’s like if a Faberge egg was an airplane,” said another.

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