This Piper Aztec was abandoned for 7 years – will it start?

The Piper Aztec was looking in a sorry state after sitting in a field for seven years, but that didn't stop Jimmy from attempting to get her going again.

by | Published on 24th Apr 2023

This man is attempting to start a Piper Aztec plane that was left abandoned in a field for seven years.

The twin-engined light aircraft, once owned by an attorney, was looking in a sorry state.

Despite how bad it looked, Jimmy from Jimmy’s World on YouTube set himself the challenge of getting it running again.

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First, Jimmy has a quick look around the abandoned Piper Aztec to get a better idea of what he’s up against.

Judging by the thick dirt and the flat tires, it’s clear the plane has been sitting for a long time.

He gets stuck into the plane’s left engine, removing its cover to take a closer look.

Much to Jimmy’s surprise, the engine contains all its parts, there’s oil in there, and very importantly, there are no oil leaks.

Jimmy then adds some fuel to one of the Piper Aztec’s tanks, before hooking a battery up to the airplane.

He hops inside and flips the master switch, which turns on some of the instrument lights, and the turn coordinators can be heard spinning up, too.

So far so good Jimmy thought, that was until he realized there was an issue with the tank he had poured the fuel into.

Not to be deterred by this setback, he quickly gets on with pouring a gallon of fuel into another of the plane’s tanks. 

It wasn’t long before Jimmy faced another problem, though.

After several attempts at firing the propeller he had flooded the engine.

Once resolved, which was easier said than done, Jimmy attempted to fire her up one more time. 

His perseverance had paid off – the engine came to life for the first time in seven years and Jimmy was ecstatic.

With that one done, he moved on to the right propeller, which he claimed should in theory be easier to start.

Perhaps Jimmy had spoken too soon, as this required a parts swap, lots of tinkering, and countless attempts at getting her to fire.

Thankfully, his hard work wasn’t in vain as the right propeller eventually started, much to Jimmy’s delight.

Jimmy really has the patience of a saint and is clearly dedicated to getting abandoned planes like this Piper Aztec running after sitting for so long.

You can watch the full video here!



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