Someone just bought this totaled McLaren Artura at auction

The pictures clearly show the McLaren Artura has damage to both ends, as well as some body parts missing – but someone's going to salvage what's left.

by | Published on 23rd Feb 2023

Sometimes, even when you try to do everything right, disaster happens.

Such was the case when this McLaren Artura suffered some pretty major damage.

Imagine being lucky enough to own one of these amazing supercars and then, just like that, your luck runs out. 

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This 2023 McLaren Artura was recently listed on the Copart USA auction site.

Despite the photos clearly showing the extensive damage, no explanation as to how the damage occurred was provided in the listing.

And make no mistake, the damage is pretty severe.


The Artura appears to have suffered damage to both ends of the car, with quite a lot of the body missing from the driver’s side.

It’s such a shame, as the McLaren flagship model looks well in the brand’s signature papaya orange with those carbon fiber fender louvers.

That being said, there are still lots of other parts on the car that look salvageable, so maybe it was worth splashing out on?

Take the ten-spoke Dynamo Forged alloy wheels for example – they still look in decent enough condition.

The fact they’re finished in Dark Stealth means they’d look good on just about any color McLaren, too.

Behind those rims is a braking package with calipers matching the exterior of the car, which is sure to bring in big bucks.

Despite the fact that the exterior of the McLaren Artura looks pretty battered and bruised, the interior of the supercar is remarkably clean.

It appears to have the sporty bucket seats that are power-adjustable and heated, and more comfortable than the ClubSport seat option.

The only downside to the seats in this particular car is that they have orange piping, which might not work with some exterior paint colors.

Despite the damage, the McLaren Artura crossed the Copart auction block in Syracuse, NY on Wednesday, February 22nd.

Although we don’t actually know the final sale price, the auction listing said the supercar had an estimated retail value of $296,825.



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