Timeless! Inside Jay-Z’s epic multimillion-dollar watch collection

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Shawn Corey Carter AKA Jay-Z is serious about his watches

And he’s known to drop big names in his lyrics like Hublot and Richard Mille. 

So, it’s no surprise the 24-time Grammy Award winner has got one of the most incredible watch collections on the face of the earth. 

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These are some of the most epic watches the music producer has been spotted with. 

But first, check out the man himself embarrassing his daughter, Blue Ivy, in the crowd at the NBA Finals this week…

10. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso – $10,990 

Jay-Z wore this pink-gold timepiece to the 36th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony last year where he became the first living solo rapper to be inducted.

The understated Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was originally designed in 1931 to be worn on the polo field.

9. Hublot Classic Fusion Shawn Carter Limited Edition – $17,900-$33,900 

The rapper was spotted wearing this limited edition timepiece back in 2015. 

The Shawn Carter was designed by Jay-Z himself and produced by Hublot. 

Hublot said it would only produce 250 pieces in black ceramic and 100 in 18K gold.

8. Richard Mille RM001 Rose Gold Felipe Massa – $130,000 

This piece was named after Brazilian Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa. 

Although it initially sold for US$130,000 it’s now going for more than US$300,000 on the second-hand market.

7. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500 – $131,500 

This is one of the first Daytonas to have a ceramic bezel. 

There is a range of Daytonas that typically sell between $24,000 and $177,000. 

In fact Jay-Z once famously sent out rose gold Rolex Daytonas as VIP invitations to a foundation gala in 2019. 

They were believed to be worth at least $40,000.

6. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked – $405,000

The producer was seen wearing this piece at the 2021 NBA playoffs. 

It has an artistic sapphire dial with pink gold components in black ceramics.

5. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref 6300 G – $2.2 million 

Jay-Z was spotted wearing this exquisite piece at his friend Diddy’s 50th birthday party in 2019. 

The Ref. 6300G was launched in 2016 and is the second iteration of the Grandmaster Chime. 

It is one of the most complicated watches in the Patek Philippe collection.

4. Richard Mille Tourbillon Blue Sapphire ‘The Blueprint’ – $2.5 million 

The rapper was pictured wearing this to the 2019 NAACP Awards. 

There were only ever five units ever created of the original watch. 

But this one in blue sapphire is exclusive to Jay-Z. 

3. Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire – $3 million 

The 56-01 has a green sapphire-colored face and is also encrusted with actual green sapphires. 

With two multimillion dollar Richard Mille watches, Jay-Z is certainly a fan of the brand. 

2. Hublot Big Bang – $5 million 

This $5 million watch was reportedly gifted to Jay-Z by his wife, the queen herself, Beyoncé. 

It was handcrafted for Jay-Z specifically and took more than a year to make. 

With more than 1000 diamonds (45 carats), the hefty price tag comes as little surprise.

1. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 – $6.5 million 

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is unmistakably the piece de resistance of the billionaire’s watch collection. 

Created in collaboration with Tiffany & Co, the watch face is the iconic Tiffany blue color. 

Jay-Z showed it off on the red carpet at the screening of the new Netflix movie, The Harder They Fall

At $6.5 million, this was the ninth most expensive watch ever sold at auction. 


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