Lie-flat plane seats are finally coming to economy class

The lie-flat pods will be fitted to planes as early as 2024.

by | Published on 30th Jun 2022

In what will be a dream come true for regular travellers, lie-flat plane seats are finally coming to economy class.

That’s right – you will no longer have to fork out for business class to get a proper sleep on a long-haul flight.

But, they don’t come without some catches.

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The concept is called the SkyNest and it’s the work of Air New Zealand.

It has been in development for some years now, but the lie-flat ‘pods’ are now ready to be fitted to its planes from 2024.

The big catch is the SkyNest beds aren’t for all economy passengers.

Rather, there are only six of the lie-flat beds at the back of the plane – two stacks of three bunk beds.

Passengers will have to book a stint in the beds on top of their normal seat.

However, each booking will only give passengers four hours of sleep back there.


That’s enough for two sleep cycles, but not exactly a good night’s rest.

Of course, the beds will be sanitized between each booking as well.

Additionally, Air New Zealand already has a makeshift lie-flat option for economy travellers – the Skycouch.

If you book all three economy seats in the row, you can lay this mattress out over them to lounge out for the whole flight if you wish.

The SkyNest beds will better cater to taller passengers, though, as they measure in at 2.0 meters (80 inches) long.

Air New Zealand is yet to announce how much a stint in the SkyNest will cost on top of your economy class or premium economy ticket.




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