First reactions to Fast X suggest Jason Mamoa steals the show

Fast X was also supposed to deliver the most shocking ending of the franchise but Vin Diesel said two more are coming.

by | Published on 15th May 2023

Fast X had its world premiere in Rome and will finally hit theaters worldwide later this week.

Only a few thousand people have watched it so far but Twitter is already awash with comments.

And first reactions suggest Jason Momoa’s performance makes it worth it.

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Fans can’t seem to agree on whether Fast X is good or not, but everyone’s on board when it comes to Jason Momoa’s performance.

His portrayal of Dante, Dom Toretto’s newest archenemy, is a breath of fresh air for the franchise.

In the storyline, Momoa plays Dante Reyes, son of Hernan Reyes (the baddie in Fast Five, ed.), and he comes across as an eccentric psycopath, with a penchant for painted nails, colorful clothes and explosives.

Fast and Furious, like other high-profile movie franchises, has a habit of turning baddies into allies.

This happened with Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) and, as shown in Fast X, with Dom’s brother Jakob Toretto – played by John Cena.

We don’t know whether it’s going to happen with Dante but the good news is – or bad news depending on your point of view – we’ll have at least two more movies to find out.

Fast X was marketed as the first of two movies that would conclude the franchise.

BUT, in an interview he gave right after the movie premiere, Vin Diesel said Fast X is actually part of a trilogy.

Either way, Universal Pictures will likely try everything they can to bring back fan-favorite Jason Momoa.

“Fast X belongs to Jason Momoa and his decadent bad guy. His perilous peacocking adds some refreshing dark humor. The rest is ludicrousness with clunky elements,” one user wrote.

“Fast X gets the series back on track, and reason # 1 is Jason Momoa, who plays Dante like F&F’s version of The Joker,” wrote another.

Even viewers who didn’t like the movie at all praise Jason Momoa’s performance.

“Fast X is the worst Fast yet,” said Germain Lussier on Twitter. “But! Jason Momoa is God-Level in it and worth the price of admission.”



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