Invisible House in the desert hits the market for $18m after owner fails to rent it out for $150,000 a month

A bunch of celebs have already used it in their music videos.

by | Published on 19th Jul 2022

Hollywood producer Chris Hanley has built an ‘invisible’ house in Joshua Tree National Park, California and he’s now selling it for $18 million.

It’s known as the ‘Invisible House’ and it’s nothing if not fascinating.

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Right in the middle of the park, the facade is completely covered in mirrors that are carefully positioned to reflect the surrounding landscape.

In other words, it’s designed to create a chameleon-like effect, giving the illusion that the house isn’t even there.


Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato, the Chainsmokers and several other celebrities have leased the Invisible House to shoot music videos and for other creative projects.

Now the home is for sale, available from Christie’s International Real Estate, priced at $18 million.

Don’t let the playful nature of the house deceive you because it’s actually designed with state-of-the-art tech to make it usable even though it’s in the middle of the desert.

The walls are made of heat-refleting glass, which means the house is always cool inside, even when it’s scorching hot outside.

Speaking of the interior, when you open the door you’ll find a kitchen, a living, a dining room, three en-suite bedrooms.

The home also has a 100-foot indoor pool, which actually covers nearly 50 percent of the usable surface inside the house.

The whole house has been designed to look super sleek and futuristic.

And with one way mirrors that appear as windows from inside, there’s no lack of sunlight inside the home.

Just a few months ago, the owner announced his intention to make the home available for rent at $150,000 per month.

The idea was to make it available to celebrities, music and Hollywood producers as a set.

Perhaps he changed his mind and decided it would make more sense to just sell it outright.



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