Ferrari purists look away: Liberty Walk overhauls the Ferrari F430

The Japanese tuner has broken all of Ferrari's rules.

by | Published on 13th Oct 2022

Ferrari purists, this is your warning to look away now because a Japanese tuner has taken its tools to the Ferrari F430.

Ferrari isn’t a fan of tuners tampering with its cars, in fact, the marque has a list of rules that owners must adhere to. 

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These rules include not tampering with the cars too much or hiding the Ferrari logos. 

So, when this Ferrari F430 popped up on Instagram with a brand new body kit, crazy low ride height, and ‘Liberty Walk’ where the Ferrari badge should be, we did a double take. 


The Liberty Walk Ferrari now sits insanely low to the ground with deep dish wheels, giving it a super aggressive appearance. 

It’s also been painted grey and given a brand-new front bumper apron and bolt-on fender flares. 

Around the back, it has a new rear bumper with a huge diffuser and the Ferrari fascia has been replaced with a ducktail spoiler. 

On either side of the diffuser, sit a pair of exhaust pipes.

Ferrari thinks its cars are perfect just as they are. 

So when tuners modify them, they take action. 

And they don’t play favorites either. 

In fact, Ferrari actually banned Justin Bieber from buying new Ferraris because he broke the marque’s rules.

Bieber was banned after he took his F458 Italia to West Coast Customs where they painted it electric blue and fit it with a Liberty Walk body kit. 

And in a big no-no for Ferrari, the emblem on the steering wheel was also tampered with and turned blue. 

Not only that, but Bieber also lost his Ferrari after a night out in LA, and then auctioned off his car within a year of owning it. 

Ferrari’s strict rules dictate that owners must inform them if they want to sell their car so the company has the option of buying it back. 

Ferrari has also issued a cease-and-desist letter to musician Deadmau5. 

Deadmau5 got on Ferrari’s bad side when he wrapped his Ferrari 458 Italia in the Nyan cat meme and covered its logos. 

After Ferrari issued the cease-and-desist letter, the artist tried to fight back, but ended up giving in and removing the wrap altogether.



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