Mark Zuckerberg buys up all the properties around his house so he can live in his own neighbourhood

Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has bought every property around his house in Palo Alto California.

by | Published on 21st Mar 2022

Mega-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has bought up all the property around his house so he can live in his own bubble.

The Facebook founder’s net worth plunged when Meta stocks crashed (-26 percent in a day) more than a month ago but he’s still worth about $69 billion.

That’s more than enough to buy anything he wants, including this 5-home compound that cost him a small fortune.

Zuckerberg originally purchased a single home in Palo Alto, California for $7 million but then decided to buy all four homes around him and turn them into a custom designed project.

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He bought the second property in 2012 for $4.7 million, the third one in September 2013 for $10 million, and then bought the other two a month later for $26 million in total.

He did it because he wanted to live in his own neighbourhood, and didn’t want anyone flipping homes near him using the ‘my neighbour is a celebrity’ factor.

Zuckerberg wanted to demolish all four homes to build one larger structure but since he could only get the relevant permits for two, he came up with another idea.

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He started by renovating two of the homes, before bulldozing the other two to replace them with a one-story home, which is something you can do without the council’s approval in Santa Clara county.

As things stand, this 1.83-acre compound consists of four individual homes connected together but Zuckerberg apparently has a plan to acquire another property in the area and turn it into a 3,554 square foot home with a 789 square foot garage.

And the price of the Mark Zuckerberg house?

Zuckerberg paid at least $50 million in total for the project – that’s including renovations.

And even when you factor in the volatility of California’s housing market, it’s hard to imagine the property being worth any less than $100 million now.




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