Watch Rick Ross delay take-off in his ‘$5 billion’ jet for incredible reason

The rapper had the pilot delay take-off by 45 minutes for the most bizarre of reasons.

Published on Oct 11, 2023 at 8:33PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 12, 2023 at 1:20PM (UTC+4)

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Watch Rick Ross delay take-off in his '$5 billion' jet for incredible reason

There’s good reason Rick Ross why has earned the nickname the ‘Biggest Boss’.

Not because he’s spent $100 million in the last six months, or the fact he recently purchased a $5 million private jet.

Only Rozay could pull off an audacious stunt like this.

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The story goes, Rick Ross was set to fly out to Vegas on his aforementioned private jet with his buddy Breyon Prescott.

But before the pair boarded the jet, they decided to pass some time playing a bit of basketball.

Most people browse duty free or read a book while waiting to catch a flight.

Then again, most people fly commercial and not private.

Anyway, as crazy as this story sounds already, that’s not even the half of it.

Ross and Prescott were joined in the hangar by NBA shooting coach, Chris Matthews.

After being given some ball-handling pointers by the expert, Ross started getting some practice in.

To be fair to him, he did a pretty good job of making the shots, only missing one in the video clip shared to Instagram.

But where Rick Ross really showed off his b-ball skills was in the last drill Matthews made him complete.

“Three seconds left in the game – who taking the shot?” Matthews asked the rapper.

“Me!” Ross replied.

He then throws a three-pointer just as Matthews makes the shot clock sound and absolutely nails it.


Not everyone’s so complimentary of Ross’s skills, though, with plenty taking to the comments section of the video to have a dig at the rapper.

“Those shots look like they physically hurt,” one user posted.

“Rozay shoot like that uncle that say ‘lemme see that thang’” another quipped.

“If Draymond Green had arthritis,” a third joked.

Apparently, Ricky Rozay had the pilot delay take-off by 45 minutes just so he could get his workout in.

That’s the true definition of being the Biggest Boss.

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