Unknown structure found beneath sand near Great Pyramid of Giza in groundbreaking discovery
Futuristic portal in NYC connects to people in Dublin, Ireland
The infrastructure required to support flying car travel
Dutch designer managed to make scrapyard Volvo run on plastic


Pilotless flying taxi completes first flight with a passenger
A major success!
New York City's proposed skyscraper would dangle upside down from an asteroid
Talk about out of this world
Elon Musk predicted the future of the world in uncovered 1998 interview
The next time Elon Musk makes a prediction we'll be taking notes
New space company unveils ultra-maneuverable spacecraft to hop between orbits
The race to space has just started.
UAE plans to launch 6G by 2030, facilitating the transmission of human senses
No more static video calls
What challenges and obstacles are delaying the take-off of the flying car?
When will we see flying cars in the air?
Orbiter detects peculiar 'spider-like' formations on Mars' surface
The spotting of actual spiders would have been even more fascinating
The Airscooter would be a personal flying machine, offering an alternative to cars
The future of traveling
Unusual flying car designed to hop across the Philippines' 7,000 islands, launching this year
It's part futuristic electric minivan, part airplane
Elon Musk says deliveries of Optimus robot could begin next year in major update
Optimus robots might be out on the market soon
World's largest neuromorphic computer made by Intel mimics the human brain
Will it eventually gain sentience?
The future of private jets: from emerging technologies and trends, the sky's the limit
It's all about convenience.
India builds world's largest renewable energy park, five times larger than Paris
The future seems bright!
Aston Martin's 'sports car of the skies' Volante Vision is set to be revolutionary
One hell of a concept car.
Robot gives surprising answer when asked if it can create more of itself
AI is full of surprises!
Electric flying car that got approval for test flights
These could be taking to the skies as soon as 2025
The challenges and obstacles facing flying car mass production
Spoiler - there's a lot of admin
Robots roam freely at this 28-story robot-friendly building
These robots deserve a good salary!
US Air Force trialing self-piloted F-16 fighter with commander on board as passenger
Your thoughts on this test?
Images reveal luxurious car-inspired interior of new space capsule
A 20-mile trip above the sky, anyone?
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