Volkswagen builds the world’s first electric hot hatch

The new Volkswagen ID.2all is an electric hot hatch to take on the Tesla Model 3: it has the same range but it's smaller and a lot more affordable.

by | Published on 16th Mar 2023

Volkswagen adds a new weapon to its electric arsenal.

It’s called the ID.2all Concept but don’t let the (weird) name deceive you: this is the base for the new electric Polo.

It’s a hot hatch, because it’s got a lot of horsepower, but it’s also practical, because the range is 280 miles.

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Volkswagen ID.2all pricing and availability

Thing is, Tesla has been promising a smaller, more affordable vehicle for years but the company hasn’t delivered yet.

And that leaves a gap in the market that VW wants to fill it with this new prototype.

When it launches, in 2025, the ID.2all will be priced at €25,000 – or $27,000.

Not only would this make it significantly cheaper than a Model 3, it would also make the new hatchback cheaper than both the VW Golf and the VW Polo.

And that’s not all because this car may be cheap, but it isn’t boring.

Under the hood, lives a 223-hp electric motor, capable of propelling the ID.2all from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in less than 7 seconds.

That’s VW Golf GTi territory.

And don’t worry, electric range won’t be sacrificed on the altar of speed and power.

Despite its high-performance inclinations, the ID.2all is still capable of 280 miles of range – or 450 km.

In other words, you get the same mileage as the entry-level Tesla Model 3, which is nearly $15,000 more expensive.

Style-wise, the concept car combines design cues from the Golf, the Polo and some of the other ID cars.

The chunky rear section is reminiscent of the ID.3, while the front end has Golf written all over it.

Meanwhile, the side profile reveals a slightly boxy, Polo-esque silhouette.

Volkswagen ID.2all Concept interior

The interior is minimalistic.

There are two physical rotating dials on the steering wheel, and the gear selector on the center console.

Everything else is digital.

Right in front of you is a 10.9-inch screen for the instrument display and right next to it, you’ll find a 12.9-inch tablet for the infotainment.

By the way, you can select your favorite style for the graphics.

You can opt for a modern look, or go vintage with a VW Beetle-style speedo.

One more thing worth noting: there’s no leather.

Volkswagen decided to rely on sports fabric and suede only.

Will this replace the Golf?

The short answer is: no.

Volkswagen is creating a parallel line-up of electric vehicles, all of which are called ID-something.

In the future, should all cars go electric and should it come down to it, they’d certainly drop the ‘ID’ namesake before they drop the Golf.



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