Watch as Ford Mustang owner takes his own door off in smash

Unbelievably, the muscle car owner somehow managed to smash into a garage wall, tearing his door right off.

by | Published on 3rd Apr 2023

Accidents happen from time to time, as this Ford Mustang owner knows only too well.

This wasn’t your typical accident trying to impress bystanders leaving a car meet, though. 

Unbelievably, the muscle car owner somehow managed to smash into a garage wall.

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We can’t help but wince watching the video of the incident uploaded to Instagram by @roc_nyc.

The footage shows the silver sixth-generation Ford Mustang reversing at low speed through what appears to be a fairly large door.

Sounds easy enough, but this driver made a real meal of it.

Presumably, they left the driver’s door open to get a clearer view when reversing because of the car’s dark tinted windows.

But as the Ford Mustang reverses, it hits a metal table which – as you can imagine – makes a loud noise.

Despite the cries from onlookers, the driver proceeds to continue reversing and smashes the car into the garage wall.

Surprisingly, the door remains in one piece as does its frameless window.

The same can’t be said for the door hinges and front fender, though.

The force of the impact appears to bend the hinges, which in turn crumples the front fender.

In other words, it won’t be a cheap fix.

If only they’d closed the driver’s door and lowered the window, perhaps the accident could have been avoided.

The driver of a Kia Soul in the video above couldn’t have done anything to avoid the accident they were involved in.

In the crazy footage, you can see a tire flying off a Chevrolet Silverado and underneath the Kia Soul, catapulting it into the air.

Thankfully, the person behind the wheel of the Kia Soul was ablaze to walk away unharmed.

Astonishing really, considering what just happened to them.



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